Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Magnesia iron spinel brick is mainly used for cement kilns to replace magnesia chrome brick. It consists of high-purity magnesia sand and Al-Fe sand. Compared with magnesia chrome brick, magnesia iron spinel brick has high compressive strength that can extend the life cycle.

  • MgO: ≥85%;
  • Al2O3: ≥3-5%;
  • Fe2O3: 4-6%;
  • Cold Crushing Strength: ≥50MPa;
  • Size: 230*114*65mm (standard)/And other sizes;
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High Working Temperature
Proper Thermal Stability
Proper Acid Resistance
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
Magnesia Iron Spinel Bricks for Sale

Technical Data of Magnesium Iron Spinel Brick

MgO, %8585
Al2O3, %3-53-5
Fe2O3, %4-64-6
Bulk Density, g/cm³2.952.90
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa5550
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load, ℃16501600

The standard size is 230*114*65mm. Kerui also can provide customized service to customers in case they need special shapes, for example, checker bricks.

Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick - Kerui Fractory
Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick – Kerui Fractory

Features of Magnesia Iron Spinel Refractory Brick

  • High Compressive Strength: Magnesia iron spinel bricks have a stable and flexible structure. So they have high compressive strength. The spinel of bricks helps to resist mechanical shock and friction. In this situation, they are good substances to replace magnesia chrome bricks.
  • Good Thermal Shock Resistance: The high refractoriness of magnesium iron spinel refractory brick is conducive to withstanding high-temperature equipment. In the rotary kilns, magnesia iron spinel brick can form a protective film to undertake the thermal shock. Moreover, the low refractoriness under load also helps to resist the thermal shock.
  • Environment Friendly: Magnesium iron spinel brick mainly consists of magnesia oxide, alumina oxide, and ferric oxide. And it will not react with other chemical substances in the high-temperature equipment. In this situation, magnesia iron spinel brick will not release poisonous gas.
  • Strong Resistance to Permeability: In a high-temperature environment, magnesia iron spinel bricks will form protective films to resist chemical erosion. The high bulk density also helps to improve the resistance to permeability. Strong resistance to permeability benefits reducing chemical erosion.

kerui magnesia iron spinel brick

application of magnesia iron spinel brick

Applications of Magnesia Iron Spinel Bricks

Magnesium iron spinel bricks can replace magnesia chrome bricks that are used for cement rotary kilns. They can also used in ladles, lime vertical furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, recirculating fluidized bed furnaces, and other industrial furnaces.

Cement Kiln
Cement Kiln
Glass Melting Furnaces
Glass Melting Furnaces
Industrial Melting Furnaces
Industrial Melting Furnaces

Low Price for Customers

Kerui has long-term partners to provide high-quality raw materials at a low price. So we can ensure that our factory produces high-quality refractory bricks for customers at low prices. Moreover, we have a strong productive ability that could ensure the steady high quality and supply of refractory bricks.

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Overall Guidance for Customers

Kerui provides professional guidance to customers. Many customers choose guidance services to save unnecessary economic costs. Our technician will come to the customers’ factory or construction place. They will give solutions according to the problem in practical use. If you need refractory materials, feel free to contact us. View the YouTube video about Kerui Refractory.

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