Induction Furnace Refractory

The induction furnace is a kind of steel melting furnace. It can smelt all types of metal like copper, alumina, zico, etc. Induction furnace lining materials with low thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, and other features.

Introduction of Induction Furnace

Induction furnaces have two types: core-type induction furnaces and coreless-type induction furnaces. Induction furnaces use electromagnetic induction to produce heat. So it can greatly avoid waste and pollution that reducing carbon emissions of the steel industry.

induction furnace
induction furnace

Refractory Materials used for Induction Furnace Lining

Refractory lining plays a key role in induction furnaces. The good refractory materials can achieve the best metallurgical performance.

Core-type induction furnaces need to choose neutral refractory materials as lining for induction furnaces. The chemical slag will change with the reaction in the induction furnaces. Moreover, the mechanical shock from the steel liquid will wear the linings. In this situation, the refractory materials need to have good thermal shock resistance.

Coreless-type induction furnaces can be divided into acidic, neutral, and alkaline. Acidic lining induction furnaces are easily eroded by chemical slags so they usually produce cast steel parts. Neutral lining for induction furnaces can smelt steel and nickel alloy. Alkaline lining can resist the alkaline chemical erosion that can smelt steel and alloy.

Induction furnace refractory lining can use refractory materials including high-alumina bricks (refractory castable), magnesia bricks (castable), silica bricks, and alumina silicon carbide bricks.

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