Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Ceramic fiber cloth is an thermal insulation material woven from ceramic fiber yarn. It is a high-performance inorganic fiber material. Kerui Refractory offers a wide variety of standard and customized products for partners to choose from. These customers include RUSAL, CHALCO, ALBA, POSCO, PSM, etc.

  • Continuous Temp Use Limit: 650-1050ºC;
  • Bulk Density: 500kg/m³;
  • Organic Content: ≤15%;
  • Length: 30000mm/Customized;
  • Width: 1000mm/50mm/75mm/Customized;
  • Thickness: 2mm/3mm/Customized;
  • Delivery: 7-15 Working Days;
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Metal Erosion Ability and Electrical Insulation
Non-Toxic, Harmless, And Odorless
Ceramic Fiber Cloth - Kerui Refractory

Technical Specifications of Kerui Ceramic Cloth

ItemCeramic Fiber ClothCeramic Fiber Tape
Physical PropertyGlass FiberStainless SteelGlass FiberStainless Steel
Bulk Density, kg/m³500
Size, mm30000*1000*2/330000*50/75*2/3
Moisture Content, %≤2
Continuous Temperature Use Limit, ℃65010506001050
Organic Content, %≤15

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Cloth
Ceramic Fiber Cloth - Kerui

Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Ceramic fiber cloth is a product of ceramic fiber products made from inorganic ceramic fibers and high-temperature alloy wires. Its main raw materials include alumina, silicates, or borates. Produced through exquisite craftsmanship, refractory fiber cloth is white, odorless, and highly environmentally friendly.

Good Features of Kerui Refractory Ceramic Fiber Cloth

  • High temperature resistance: Continuous use temperature of ceramic cloth can reach 1050ºC (1922°F).
  • Thermal insulation: It has low thermal conductivity. It can effectively prevent heat loss within the application.
  • Thermal shock resistance: It has strong thermal shock resistance. It will not peel or crack in situations with rapid temperature changes.
  • Chemical corrosion resistance: Ceramic fibre cloth can withstand corrosion from acidic and alkaline slags. It performs normally in this condition.
  • Environmental friendliness: This cloth is lightweight, non-toxic, odorless, and harmless. It is an environmentally friendly insulation material.
  • Electrical insulation: Due to its raw materials, manufacturing process, and density, ceramic cloth insulation has excellent electrical insulation properties.
Kerui Ceramic Fiber Cloth
Durable Kerui Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Multiple Applications of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Cloth Insulation

  • High-temperature insulation: Refractory cloth can be applied to the thermal insulation of the chemical, metallurgical, and power industries. It is mainly used in kilns, pipes, furnace doors, seals, and other parts.
  • Fire protection: It is used in the fire protection industry. It is mainly used in fire shutters, fire doors, fire suits, fire blankets, fire gloves, sound absorption, and so on.
  • High-temperature filtration: It is used in the delayed purification system of the chemical industry. It is mainly used as a filter material.

Application of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products

Kerui Refractory is the Choice of 1000+ Partners

Kerui Refractory maintains long-term cooperative relationships with over 1,000 partners. These partners come from over 50 countries around the world. They are very satisfied with our services and products. Therefore, when they need refractory materials again, they will choose Kerui Refractory. We have the following main advantages:

  • High production capacity;
  • Multiple international certificates and technical patents;
  • Fully digitalized precise production control;
  • Wide range of ceramic fiber products;
  • Complete packaging and best transportation route recommendations;
  • Fast delivery support;
  • Construction guidance service;
  • Lifetime technical guidance service.
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