Refractory Bricks Used for Ladles

The ladle is a steel industrial equipment that carries molten steel. Ladle has a complex structure because it should be strong and insulation. The ladle needs to resist the slag shock and has a good refractoriness capability. Kerui will give a suitable solution for you.

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Requirements of Ladle Lining

The highest working temperature of ladles is 1800℃. In the linings of ladles, refractory bricks are usually used for slag lines, working layers, and bottom lines.

The ladle working layer directly contacts molten steel. It suffers from mechanical shock and extreme temperature changes. So choosing suitable refractory bricks is important to the life cycle of the ladle. The refractory bricks have to resist the erosion of slag and can high-temperature molten steel. Kerui has summarized the hot sale refractory bricks used for the ladle.

Hot Sale Refractory Bricks Used for Ladles

High Alumina Brick

High alumina bricks can be widely used in various industrial equipment. This benefits from its excellent chemical capacity. High alumina bricks are neutral refractory materials that can resist acid and alkaline slag. It is usually used in the ladle working layer and bottom.

Magnesia Carbon Brick

Magnesia carbon bricks have good thermal shock resistance and low thermal conductivity. They can resist the high-temperature situation and sustain the volume steady. Besides, magnesia carbon brick will not be easy to abrasive. It is usually used in the working layer and slag line of the ladle.

Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick

Magnesia alumina spinel brick has good resistance to peeling. Compared with magnesia carbon brick, it has better abrasive resistance. Moreover, magnesia alumina spinel brick can bear extreme temperature changes. So it can be used in the linings of steel drum and ladle furnaces.

Fire Clay Brick

Fire clay brick is the most common brick used for ladles. It has good refractoriness that can resist the high temperature of ladles. Meanwhile, fire clay bricks have a low price. They almost can be used in every part of the ladles. However, there are many substitutes for the development of technology.

Silica Brick

Silica brick can also be used in the ladle. It can resist acid slag and thermal shock. However, it is usually used in the low-temperature parts of the ladle, including furnace doors, viewing holes, etc.

  • Note: Castable can also used in the linings of ladle furnaces. It can be used as a substitute for refractory bricks. Compared with refractory bricks, castable may be easy to construct, but the setting time is long.

high alumina brick
magnesia carbon brick
alumina magnesia spinel brick

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Refractory bricks used in the ladle must have high refractoriness and stable chemical capacity. Have you checked the linings of the ladle furnaces? It is time to change the linings of your equipment. As a professional refractory material manufacturer, Kerui will provide an optimal solution to solve your problem. We have professional technological personnel to give suitable advice to each customer. If you need we also can provide turnkey service to you.