Insulation Bricks

Insulation bricks are a lightweight brick made of thermal insulation materials such as alumina and silica. They can withstand temperatures as high as 1760ºC. These bricks commonly referred to as IFB. Insulation bricks have a uniform pore structure, excellent high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, and others. Please see these five hot types. These bricks are exported to 50+ countries.

Light Weight Clay fire Brick - Kerui Refractory

Light Weight Clay Fire Brick

Light weight clay fire brick features excellent thermal insulation properties. The operating temperature can reach up to 1350℃. It is characterized ...
Silica Insulation Brick - Kerui Refractory

Silica Insulation Brick

Silica insulation brick is a kind of lightweight silica bricks with silica as the main raw material. Kerui Refractory offers ...
High Alumina Insulation Brick - Kerui Refractory

High Alumina Insulation Brick

High alumina insulation brick is a type of lightweight insulating bricks made with alumina as the main raw material. Its ...
Alumina Bubble Brick

Alumina Bubble Brick

Alumina bubble brick is a new type of lightweight insulation material mainly composed of corundum. It has the characteristics of ...
Kerui Mullite Insulation Brick

Mullite Insulation Brick

Mullite insulation brick is insulation bricks primarily composed of aluminum oxide. They have good features. Kerui is the experienced manufacturer ...

Besides, Kerui offers JM-23 (KR-23), JM-26 (KR-26), JM-28 (KR-28), and JM-30 (KR-30) mullite insulation bricks for partners.

Introduction of Kerui Insulation Bricks

  • Main components: The main components of Kerui insulation bricks are high-quality alumina and silica. These two materials are excellent materials for insulation bricks. These elements have high melting points (up to 2050ºC), thermal stability and insulation properties.
  • Rich and high-quality materials: The factory of Kerui Refractory is located in Xinmi, Zhengzhou, Henan. This area has a large number of high-quality of raw materials.
  • Competitive price: Kerui Refractory is the manufacturer and supplier. We offer low factory price for partners.
  • Delivery: The delivery cycle is about 15-30 working days.

High-quality Insulation Bricks
Insulation Brick

Standard and Other Sizes of Insulation Bricks

  • The standard size of Kerui insulation bricks is 230*114*65mm. Besides, we also offer the following types and customized bricks for partners.
  • Other common brick types: universal arc bricks, anchor bricks, grid bricks, composite bricks, wedge bricks, knife-axe bricks, arch bricks, etc.
Standard Kerui Insulation Bricks
Standard Insulation Bricks - Kerui

Good Properties of Kerui Insulation Bricks

High-quality Insulation Performance

The high-quality insulation performance of Kerui insulation bricks effectively reduces heat conduction. These features prevent heat loss and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, its high porosity helps reduce the density of the bricks, thereby enhancing insulation and heat insulation effects.

High Working Temperature

Insulation bricks have high refractoriness. They can exhibit good thermal shock resistance and durability in high-temperature environments. They are suitable for use in various high-temperature industries.


Due to the raw materials and low density, insulation bricks have low bulk density. They are lightweight and can be directly cut into suitable sizes for use. Therefore, their construction and handling are very convenient.
Global Cases of Insulation Bricks - Kerui

Steel Metallurgy and Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Industry

In the steel metallurgy and non-ferrous metal smelting industry, bricks are used in steel, metallurgy, and non-ferrous metal smelting processes. They are commonly used in equipment such as hot blast stoves, blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, melting furnaces, annealing furnaces, homogenizing furnaces, coke ovens, and other similar equipment.

Construction Materials Industry

In the construction materials industry, insulation bricks are used in ceramics, cement, and glass industries. They are typically used in the construction of glass kilns, cement kilns, glass furnaces, heat storage chambers, tunnel kilns, roller kilns, shuttle kilns, wall kilns, electric porcelain drawer kilns, high-temperature resistance furnaces, and other similar facilities.

Power Generation Industry

In the power generation industry, insulation and refractory bricks are used in waste-to-energy and waste incineration processes. They are commonly employed for insulation and heat insulation in boilers, furnace chambers, chimneys, and other high-temperature equipment.

Petrochemical Industry

In the petrochemical industry, hfk bricks are used in oil refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries. They are typically utilized in equipment such as gasification furnaces, carbon black industrial reactors, cracking reaction vessels, pipelines, storage tanks, and other similar equipment.

Low Factory Insulation Bricks Price from Kerui

The price of insulation bricks mainly depends on factors such as raw material costs, model, production process, bulk discounts, customization, and other conditions. As a manufacturer, Kerui Refractory provides customers with excellent quality and factory prices. Customers can expect to receive our refractory insulation bricks in approximately 20-35 working days. If you would like to receive a detailed price list, contact Kerui Refractory and send us your specific requirements.

Insulating Bricks
Kerui Insulating Bricks with Factory Price
Insulation Bricks
Packaging of Insulation Bricks

1000+ Global Customers Cooperate with KERUI

Kerui Refractory is a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. We are highly specialized in production, export, and high-temperature industry solutions. Over 1000+ partners have chosen us, including RUSAL, CHALCO, ALBA, POSCO, PSM, etc. We maintain long-term and stable cooperative relationships with these clients. They have given high praise for our professionalism and products.

Kerui Refractory Cooperate with Global Partners
Kerui Refractory Cooperate with Global Partners
Kerui Cooperate with Global Partners
Kerui Cooperate with Global Partners

Top Leading Insulation Bricks Manufacturer – KERUI

Manufacturer Direct Sales

Kerui Refractory is the original factory. The annual output of refractory materials reaches 250,000 tons. The production strength is strong and the production cycle is short. Therefore, the delivery period is short.

High-quality Raw Materials

Kerui Refractory is located in Xinmi City, Henan, China. Here, we have abundant high-quality raw materials. Additionally, to ensure product quality, we procure high-quality insulation raw materials.

Digital Control

The factory is fully automated and digitally managed. The quality of bricks is stable. This is a complete enterprise product quality traceability system and production management system.

Green Production

Kerui Refractory has upgraded to green production practices. In order to reduce pollution during the sintering process, the factory is equipped with desulfurization, denitrification, and dust removal systems. This system ensures environmentally friendly production.

Research and Development

Kerui Refractory has 20+ research and development personnel. Through years of research and innovation, we have overcome many industry challenges. We are moving towards industry-leading levels.

One-Stop Insulation Solution Service

Kerui Refractory has technical team, delivery team, construction team, and after-sales service team. These teams provide customers with customized kiln insulation solutions, insulation brick selection, shipping and transportation solutions, construction guidance, maintenance guidance, and other one-stop services.

Partners Visited Kerui Refractory
Partners Visited Kerui Refractory
Top Leading Insulation Bricks Manufacturer -Kerui Refractory
Top Leading Manufacturer Kerui Refractory with Partners
Kerui Guide Construction of Insulation Bricks for Partners
Construction Guide of Insulation Bricks for Partners

Certificates of Kerui Refractory

Kerui Refractory holds various international certificates, patent certificates, and corporate honors.

Kerui Certificates 2024
Kerui Has Various International Certificates

Contact Kerui Refractory for Insulation Solutions Now!

Kerui insulation bricks have excellent high temperature resistance and insulation properties. We provide specific insulation brick recommendations based on the usage scenario, including type, composition, size, placement, operating temperature, color, additives, and others. Our services truly make customers worry-free in choosing us. Choose Kerui insulation bricks to meet all your insulation needs! Leave your message on Kerui Whatsapp.