Fire Clay Brick

Fire clay brick is made of calcined clay grog. It has a high alumina content of up to 42%. Kerui Refractory can produce standard and special fire clay bricks according to customer requirements. 1000+ partners have chosen to cooperate with us, including RUSAL, CHALCO, ALBA, POSCO, PSM, etc.

  • Al2O3: ≥25-42%;
  • Bulk Density: 1.9-2.22g/cm³;
  • Refractoriness Under Load: 1250-1400ºC;
  • Cold Crushing Strength: 20-45MPa;
  • Size: 230*114*65mm (standard)/And other sizes;
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High Working Temperature
Proper Thermal Stability
Proper Acid Resistance
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
Fire Clay Bricks for Sale

Kerui provides SK30, SK32, SK34, and SK35. Please see the following parameters. If you need other types, please send us the specification.

Al2O3, %30353845
Fe2O3, %2.52.522
Refractoriness (SK)30323435
Refractoriness underload, 0.2MPa, °C1250130013601420
Apparent Porosity, %22-2620-2420-2218-20
Bulk Density, g/cm³1.9-2.01.95-2.12.1-2.22.15-2.22
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa40453040
Standard Fire Clay Refractory Brick
Standard Fire Clay Refractory Brick
Special Shaped Fire Clay Refractory Bricks
Special Shaped Fire Clay Refractory Bricks

Clay fire bricks are made of calcined clay and binder. They are a type of siliceous alumina brick. Their refractoriness is between 1580-1770 degrees Celsius. With the change of composition, the refractoriness fluctuates. In addition, because clay bricks contain alumina, they have a certain anti-erosion effect on acidic slags. They are generally used in acidic slag kilns.

Fire Clay Brick for Sale
Fire Clay Bricks

  • High refractoriness: Its refractoriness is as high as 1770 degrees Celsius.
  • High softening temperature: The softening temperature is generally between 1300-1400 degrees Celsius.
  • Strong resistance to thermal shock: It can resist sudden changes in temperature. It has a stable structure in high temperature.
  • Resistant to acidic chemical erosion: Clay firebricks can resist the erosion of acidic slag and acidic gases.
  • Affordable price: Clay firebricks have a wide range of raw material sources. Therefore, its price is more acceptable to customers.

Fire Clay Brick
Fire Clay Brick for Sale

  • Metallurgical Industry: Clay firebricks are mainly used in ladles, hot blast stoves, regenerators, tap holes, steelmaking furnaces, electric furnaces, blast furnaces, kilns, chimneys, etc. They are generally used in the hearth, walls, waist, belly, etc. of the furnace. The types of refractory bricks used include clay universal arch bricks, such as sleeve bricks, clay lattice bricks, acid-resistant bricks, etc.
  • Building Materials Industry: In the building materials industry, clay firebricks are mainly used in the kilns of these factories, such as kaolin tunnel kilns, ceramsite rotary kilns, lime vertical kilns, glass melting kilns, glass regenerators, etc. They are generally used in the hearth, walls, preheating zone, transition zone, secondary working layer, and other non-critical parts. The types of bricks used are more extensive.
  • Coke Making Industry: Clay fired bricks are often used in reactors, regenerators, incinerators, and chemical furnaces. These bricks are generally used in the lining, door, flue, hearth, wall, and top of the furnace.
  • Carbon and Graphite Industry: Clay fire blocks are widely used in carbon baking furnaces and graphitization furnaces. This industry usually uses low-creep clay bricks and dense clay bricks.

Applications of Refractory Bricks

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