Silicon Carbide Refractory Brick

Silicon carbide brick is a type of refractory brick made primarily from silicon carbide. These bricks are characterized by high melting points, strong corrosion resistance, and robust mechanical properties. They are widely used in industrial applications. Kerui Refractory can provide you with kiln design solutions and specific demand calculations. Please send us your detailed requirements.

  • SIC: ≥20-90%;
  • Fe2O3: ≤0.6-1.5%;
  • Bulk Density: 2.3-2.7g/cm;
  • Cold Crusing Strength: 80-100MPa;
  • Refractoriness Under Load: 1600-1700ºC.
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High Working Temperature
Good Thermal Shock Stability
Great Wear Resistance
Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient
Kerui Silicon Carbide Refractory Brick

Specifications of Kerui Silicon Carbide Bricks

According to the different contents of SiC, Al2O3 and Fe2O3, Kerui silicon carbide refractory bricks are mainly divided into the following five categories. Choose the right types of silica fire brick based on the different chemical compositions to start your high-temperature project!

SiC, %85
Fe2O3, %0.5
Apparent Porosity, %16
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load, ℃1750
Bulk Density, g/cm³2.6
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa80
Modulus of Rupture, MPa40

Silicon carbide bricks are refractory bricks made by sintering silicon carbide and other fine powders at high temperatures. The addition of carbon monoxide can help improve the strength and wear resistance of the refractory bricks, while also helping to reduce costs. The addition of silicon dioxide can help improve the chemical corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity of the refractory bricks. The combination of these two components gives the large refractory bricks excellent overall performance. Therefore, this type of brick has a wide range of applications in high-temperature kilns.

  • According to the bonding method, silicon carbide bricks can be divided into oxide-bonded (clay-bonded silicon carbide bricks, mullite-bonded silicon carbide bricks, corundum-bonded silicon carbide bricks), nitride-bonded (si3N4-bonded silicon carbide bricks, sialon-bonded silicon carbide bricks), self-bonded (β-SiC-bonded silicon carbide bricks, recrystallized silicon carbide bricks), and silicon-infiltrated reaction-bonded silicon carbide bricks.
  • According to the difference in the content of chemical components, silicon carbide bricks are mainly divided into: oxide bonded SiC brick, green SiC brick, Corundum silicon carbide brick, mullite silicon carbide brick, high alumina SiC brick.

Silicon Carbide Refractory Bricks - Kerui Refractory

Types of Kerui SIC Bricks

Types Features
Oxide Bond SiC Brick High refractoriness: 1750ºC;
High high-temperature strength;
Good wear resistance;
Good thermal shock resistance;
Good corrosion resistance.
Green SiC Brick High refractoriness: 1800ºC;
High high-temperature strength;
Good wear resistance;
Good thermal conductivity;
Good thermal shock resistance.
Corundum Silicon Carbide Brick High refractoriness: 1900ºC;
High high-temperature strength;
Good wear resistance;
Good corrosion resistance.
Mullite Silicon Carbide Brick High refractoriness: 1750ºC;
High high-temperature strength;
Good wear resistance;
Good thermal shock resistance;
Good acid resistance.
High Alumina SiC Brick High refractoriness: 1750ºC;
High high-temperature strength;
Good wear resistance;
Good thermal shock resistance;
Good alkali resistance.

Corrosion Resistance

The composition of silicon carbide bricks has a good anti-corrosion effect on chemicals such as acids, alkalis and salts. Under high-temperature chemical erosion, silicon carbide bricks can maintain the integrity of their structure. In this way, the service life of high-temperature equipment is prolonged.

High-temperature Resistance

The melting point of silicon oxide can reach 2730 °C. The refractoriness of silicon carbide bricks is as high as 1900 °C. It has good refractoriness and good thermal shock stability. The structure of silicon carbide bricks is stable under frequent temperature changes in the kiln. Contact us for details.

High Mechanical Strength

The Mohs hardness of Kerui silicon carbide bricks is 9. It is very hard. In addition, its flexural strength and compressive strength are 1.5-3 times that of ordinary refractory bricks. It is used in industrial high-temperature applications with large mechanical wear.

High Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of silicon carbide can be more than 10 times that of ordinary refractory bricks. It has good thermal conductivity. Silicon carbide has a high thermal emissivity. This composition helps to improve the thermal conductivity of silicon carbide.

Kerui Silicon Carbide Blocks with Good Features

After continuous upgrades, Kerui silicon carbide bricks have achieved even better performance and longer service life, bringing breakthroughs to high-temperature industries. Kerui silicon carbide bricks are mainly used in the following high-temperature industries:

Steel and Non-ferrous Metal Smelting

Kerui silicon carbide bricks can meet the requirements of high temperature, corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance in the smelting industry.

They are used in non-ferrous metallurgical retorts (copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, zinc, etc.), aluminum casting molds, electric furnace linings, aluminum electrolytic cell linings, blast furnaces, converters, open hearth furnaces, sintering furnaces, annealing furnaces, heating furnaces, ladles, tundishes, slag pots, etc.

Industrial Applications

Kerui silicon carbide bricks perform well in high-temperature industrial applications, such as high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity, etc.

They are used in ceramic kiln furniture and heat exchangers, glass kilns, cement kilns, lime kilns, etc.

Petrochemical Industry

Kerui silicon carbide bricks have high strength, stable volume and good thermal conductivity. They can help extend the service life of equipment.

They are commonly used in petroleum refining furnaces, reactors, pipelines, pumps, valves, etc.

Power Industry

The high temperature resistance and wear resistance of Kerui silicon carbide bricks make them widely used in the power industry.

They are used in boilers, combustion chambers, desulfurization towers, dust collectors, chimneys, etc.

The wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity of Kerui silicon carbide bricks make them popular in the aerospace field.

They are used in space shuttles (heat shields, nozzles, flanges), launch vehicles (engines, boosters, etc.), satellites, missiles, ships, etc.

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