Ceramic Fiber Tube

Due to good insolation and high refractoriness, ceramic fiber tube usually are used for exhaust pipes in the metallurgy industry, chemical industry, petrochemical chemical, etc. These features contribute to the ceramic fiber. It is the best insulation material except the nanofibers.

  • Service Temperature: ≥1000℃;
  • Inner Diameter: 18-539mm;
  • Refractoriness Under Load: 1250-1400ºC;
  • Wall Thickness: 30-150mm;
  • Length: 1000mm;
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High Working Temperature
Great Insulation
Light Weight
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
Kerui Ceramic Fiber Tube

Technical Data of Ceramic Fiber Tube

Service Temperature/℃10001260
Shot Content %/(Φ>0.25mm)1113.6
Bulk Density (kg/m³)100-180150-300
Permanent Linear Change %/(After 24 hours)600℃3.5/
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient/[W/(m·K)]20℃0.034/

application of tube
ceramic fiber tube

Characteristics of Ceramic Insulation Tube

  • Good Chemical Resistance: Ceramic fiber tubes have good chemical resistance that can resist acid and alkaline materials. Even in a long working time, they can still keep stable structures. In this situation, they can prolong the life cycle of equipment. Ceramic insulation tubes can be used for the metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electric power, and other industries.
  • High Refractoriness: Ceramic tubes can used in high-temperature environments. It has high refractoriness that can resist thermal shock. When used in high-temperature equipment, it can sustain a stable physical structure. The ceramic pipe can be used for industrial furnaces and stoves.
  • Great Insulation: Ceramic fiber pipe has good insulation capacity. Ceramic fiber is an ideal insulation material. So ceramic fiber pipe can effectively insulate the thermal and electricity. This characteristic helps to improve energy utilization and the safety of equipment. The applications of this product are as the insulation material in high-temperature tubes.
  • Light Weight: Ceramic refractory tubes have light weight so they can be cut into any length. When they are installed on high-temperature equipment, the light weight of ceramic fiber tubes is conducive to construction easily. Compared with traditional materials, they can reduce the burden of industrial equipment.

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Applications of Ceramic Fiber Pipe

Ceramic fiber pipe can be used in industrial furnaces, stoves, boilers, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, and aerospace fields. In the aerospace field, the application of this ceramic fiber product is in combustion chambers, burners, and jets.

Advantages of Kerui

As a ceramic tube manufacturer, Kerui has high-quality ceramic insulation pipe that has the certificates of international institutions. If customers’ need, we can divide the ceramic pipe into different lengths before delivery. Besides, we have professional technicians to recommend suitable sizes for customers in case they have an economic loss.

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