Alumina Ceramics Products

Alumina ceramic products are a series of high dielectric constant ceramic products made from high purity alumina. It has high strength, high heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is widely used in electrical industry and industrial parts. Kerui Refractory provides the following products:

Kerui Alumina Ceramic Tubes
Alumina Ceramic Tubes
Kerui Alumina Ceramic Plates
Alumina Ceramic Plates
Kerui Alumina Ceramic Rings
Alumina Ceramic Rings
Alumina Ceramic Rods
Alumina Ceramic Rods
Kerui Alumina Ceramic Washers
Alumina Ceramic Washers
Kerui Alumina Ceramic Discs
Alumina Ceramic Discs
Kerui Kerui Alumina Ceramic Balls
Kerui Alumina Ceramic Balls

Alumina ceramic product is a type of advanced ceramic material produced from high-purity alumina (Al2O3) and additives. With an alumina content exceeding 70%, alumina ceramic exhibits exceptional hardness. As the alumina content increases, its wear resistance and chemical inertness also enhance. High-purity alumina is particularly well-suited for more demanding application environments.

After being sintered into shape, alumina ceramic products are further refined using diamond grinding to achieve a superior surface finish. This enhances their performance and durability. It makes them highly sought-after materials for various applications. Kerui Refractory caters to diverse customer needs by manufacturing both standard and customized alumina ceramic products. We can tailor our products to specific requirements based on our partners’ drawings or samples.

  • Exceptional mechanical strength: This product has high hardness and rigidity. Alumina ceramic boasts remarkable hardness and rigidity, enabling it to withstand harsh environments with high wear and tear.
  • Superior chemical inertness: It has good resistant to chemical attack. Alumina ceramic exhibits exceptional chemical inertness, making it impervious to corrosion caused by acids and alkalis.
  • Outstanding thermal stability: This product has high-temperature resistance. Alumina ceramic demonstrates remarkable resistance to high temperatures, maintaining its structural integrity even under prolonged exposure to extreme heat.
  • Excellent electrical insulation: This product has covalent bonding for insulation. The covalent bonding in alumina ceramic’s crystal structure provides exceptional electrical insulation, making it ideal for electrical applications.
  • Electronics Industry: Measurement components, electrical components, cyclone separators, ceramic wire guides, ceramic control systems, integrated circuits, sensors, etc.
  • Mechanical Industry: Guides, coatings, textile machinery parts, seals, grinding media, etc.
  • Chemical Industry: Ceramic bearings, mechanical seals, sliding bearings, laboratory equipment, refractories, etc.
  • Metallurgical Industry: Thermocouple protectors, industrial furnaces, high-temperature components, etc.
  • Medical Industry: Implants, surgical instruments, etc.
  • Additional Applications: Aerospace and defense components, cutting tools, wear parts, chemical processing equipment, optical components, etc.