Blast Furnace Refractory

Blast furnaces are mainly used to smelt iron. They are important equipment to smelt iron and steel. Blast furnace by adding reductants to smelt iron. The blast furnace refractory used in the blast furnace lining needs to choose steady chemical resistance, high refractoriness, and other features.

Blast Furnaces Smelt Iron Process

The blast furnace has three parts: the throat, the body, and the hearth. The process of blast furnace smelting iron includes putting raw materials into furnaces and blowing hot air into furnaces. In high-temperature environments, it produces liquid iron, slag, and gas.

blast fuenace

Refractory Materials used in Blast Furnace

The Furnace Throat

The furnace throat chooses high-density fire clay bricks and high alumina bricks as refractory lining in blast furnaces. The blast furnace cement uses aluminate cement. When putting raw materials like metal or coal, these materials will wear the linings. Meanwhile, the chemical gas will rise in the production process. In this situation, refractory bricks used in blast furnace stoves need to have stable chemical resistance and good thermal shock resistance.

The Furnace Body

The furnace body mainly uses corundum mullite bricks, silica carbide bricks, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks, and high alumina bricks. In this part, the liquid iron will be produced and the metal slags precipitate. So refractory linings are eroded by alkaline metal and mechanical shock.

blast furnace
steel balst furnace

The Furnace Hearth

The furnace hearth carries all the chemical slags. It undertakes severe chemical slag erosion and extreme temperature changes. In this part, Kerui advises using corundum mullite bricks, silica carbide bricks, and silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks. Besides, modern blast furnaces construct cooling staves to prolong the life cycle of equipment.

Blast Furnace Refractory

Refractories used in blast furnaces include fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, corundum mullite bricks, silica carbide bricks, and silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks.

Comprehensive Service

Kerui provides construction guidance to customers. We have experienced technicians who can give optimal projects about refractory materials. Recently, Kerui helped a customer to upgrade the cooling stave of the blast furnace. See this Kerui case. If you have any questions about blast furnaces, you can contact our professional consultants.