Kiln Refractory Lining Material

Kiln refractory lining material usually uses refractory brick and refractory cement to construct. Specific kiln refractory material can be used in different kiln linings. Common kilns have cement kilns, lime kilns, and ceramic kilns.

Introduction of Different Kilns

Cement kilns and lime kilns use bricks with good chemical resistance, high refractoriness, and great thermal resistance.

Ceramic kilns select good insulation, high strength compressive, and high refractoriness refractory lining material in kilns.

Refractory Materials of Kiln Linings

High alumina cement is usually used as kiln lining material to construct various industrial kilns. It has high refractoriness and sulfate resistance that can resist chemical erosion in high-temperature equipment. Combined with refractory blocks used in kilns that can keep a steady structure of kilns.

cement kiln
ceramic kiln
lime kiln

Magnesia alumina spinel bricks, magnesite bricks, dolomite bricks, high alumina bricks, and fire clay bricks can be used in cement and lime kilns. They have high under load temperatures that can resist the high temperatures in the kilns. In the production process, magnesite bricks and dolomite bricks can resist chemical gas erosion. Besides, they will produce a protective film that avoids cracks. Fire clay bricks are usually used in the low-temperature parts.

Silica carbide bricks, high alumina bricks, fire clay bricks, mullite insulation bricks, and alumina bubble bricks can be used in ceramic kilns. Ceramic kilns need to keep a steady temperature in kilns. These bricks have good thermal conductivity that can reduce heat transfer. In this situation, the energy utilization can be improved.

Above the discussion, we can know high alumina brick and fire clay brick can be used as various kiln brick linings.

Strictly Quality Control of Kiln Refractory Material

Kerui has a strict quality control system. We not only have high-purity raw materials as the support but also have digital intelligent equipment to produce kiln linings fire bricks. Besides, every production line has quality control personnel to check the refractory bricks.

Abundant Export Experience

Kerui has more than 23 years of export experience. Kerui refractory kiln lining material is exported to many customers from Russia, Jordan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and many other countries. We check the refractory materials and package again before the delivery. You can browse or follow our Facebook to get more information about Kerui.