Glass Furnace Refractory

Glass products are extensively used in our daily lives. You can find them everywhere. Glass products need to be fired at high temperatures. So glass furnaces usually use refractory materials to construct. Kerui can provide various refractories for the glass industry.

Introduction of Glass Furnace

Glass furnaces have four parts: Working layers, insulation layers, chambers, and chimney flue. The advanced refractories are mainly used for working layers, chambers, and chimney flue. Refractories for glass furnaces need to have good chemical corrosion, extreme temperature changes, and high refractoriness.

glass furnace
glass furnace

Refractories for Glass Industrial Equipment

Silica bricks, fused AZS bricks and high alumina bricks can be used in the working parts. They have good chemical slag resistance and stable chemical structures. Therefore, they can resist the chemical materials erosion in high-temperature situations. Besides, the magnesia bricks and magnesia chrome bricks also can be used for glass furnaces. Among these bricks, fused AZS bricks are widely used for the vulnerable parts of glass furnaces.

High alumina bricks, forsterite bricks, and magnesia bricks can be used for glass furnace chambers. In this part, it usually uses checker bricks because they can rapidly store and transfer heat.

Fire clay bricks and mullite bricks are used for the chimney flue. They have low creep capacity and good thermal shock resistance that can sustain a stable structure.

Long-term Cooperation Partners

The high-quality products help Kerui build long-term cooperation relationships with many partners such as RUSAL, CHALCO, ALBA, POSCO, PSM, etc. So you can believe the quality of Kerui refractory bricks. We will provide high-quality products to every customer.

Service Strength of Kerui

Kerui has a research and development department that is devoted to finding better refractory bricks for customers. Our technicians will also offer the most suitable materials according to the customers’ needs. Besides, we can give an integrated solution to every customer from different industries.