Cement and Lime Industry

Due to the wide use of cement, the cement and lime industry has a high quantity demand for refractory materials. Every cement factory needs high-quality refractory materials to construct the cement furnaces. We mainly introduce the application of refractory materials in rotary kilns and lime vertical furnaces.

Introduction of Cement and Lime Industry

Cement, as a widely use building material, can used in Industrial construction, civil construction, transportation engineering, water conservancy engineering, seaport engineering, national defense construction, and other new industrial and engineering construction fields. With the development of environmental consciousness, how to prolong the life cycle of cement industrial equipment becoming a topic. So, it is important to choose the refractory products used in the cement industry.

Application of Refractory Bricks in Cement and Lime Industry

Rotary Kilns:

In the theory, we usually use refractory bricks in regular and static parts and use castable in irregular and rotary parts. However, we usually use refractory bricks in rotary kilns in practical use. Because use castable has a longer construction time than bricks. Besides, the rotary kilns need to be baked before use. It will also extend the construction time and increase installation costs.

In this situation, Kerui suggests customers choose refractory bricks in rotary kilns. The main refractory materials include alkali-resistant bricks, high alumina bricks, high alumina silicon carbide composite bricks, and special high alumina bricks.

Lime Vertical Furnace and Rotary Kilns:

The lime vertical furnace, from top to bottom, is divided into three belts: preheating zone, calcined zone, and cooling zone.

  • In the preheating zone, the lining of the furnace was shocked by limestone and high-temperature damage. In this zone, Kerui usually suggests using high alumina bricks with good thermal shock resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • In the calcined zone, we need to choose the bricks that have great refractoriness and good chemical slag resistance. So Kerui advises customers to use neutral or alkaline refractory bricks including magnesium bricks, magnesium chromium bricks, and magnesium iron (alumina) spinel bricks.
  • In the cooling zone, this part will inlet cold air, so the bricks must undertake the temperature changes and keep a stable volume. Kerui usually suggests using high alumina brick in this part.

Application of Insulation Products in Cement and Lime Industry

Rotary kilns and lime vertical furnaces can use insulation bricks, calcium silicate insulation boards, various grades of castables, and refractory fiber products as insulation layers.

Besides, Kerui also provides special high alumina bricks, high alumina silicon carbide composite bricks, ceramic fiber rope, magnesium tron (Alumina) spinel bricks, etc. Leave your requirement to us.