Refractory Castable

Kerui Refractory mainly produces and supplies high-temperature products such as refractory castables. The construction method of castables does not affect the shape and size. After the castable material solidifies, it forms a high-hardness refractory lining. Customers are advised to choose the appropriate castables for construction based on different types of characteristics.

  • Al2O3: 40-95%;
  • Bulk Density: 0.8-3.2/cm³;
  • Compressive Strength: 6-100MPa;
  • Max Service Temperature: 1300-1790ºC.
  • Packaging: 25kg bag/1 ton bag/25kg barrel;
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High-Temperature Resistance
Impact Resistance
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Great Wear Resistance
Refractory Castable

10+ Types of Kerui Refractory Castable for Sale

Kerui Refractory mainly offers 12 types of high temperature castable refractory products and various customized castables based on different compositions.

Introduction of Kerui Monolithic Castable Refractory Material

The castable refractory composition consists of refractory cement (binder material), refractory aggregates, and binders. Castable refractories have characteristics such as high temperature resistance, high density, high strength, good flowability, chemical corrosion resistance, and easy installation. Common construction methods include casting, spraying, pumping, and so on.

Refractory aggregates are the main component of castable refractories. They mainly include various materials such as clay, high alumina, silica, and so on.

Refractory cement serves as the binder and powder material in castable refractories. It plays an important role in the bonding of refractory cement. The particle size of aggregates has a certain impact on the flowability of refractory cement.

Lightweight Insulating Castable

Kerui High Temp Castable Refractory Properties

Easy to Construct

Kerui pourable refractory has good flowability, fast curing time, and good plasticity. During construction, the castable is mixed with a certain amount of water before being applied. Its flexibility makes it suitable for use in construction sites of different sizes and shapes. Additionally, its quick-drying effect significantly reduces construction time costs.

Chemical Corrosion Resistance

Refractory castables have good corrosion resistance to acidic, alkaline, and neutral media. When exposed to corrosive chemical environments, the monolithic refractory products can maintain the integrity of the structure and the stability of its performance without being affected. This is crucial for stability and durability in applications.

High Temperature Resistance

Kerui castables typically have a refractoriness between 1300-1800 degrees Celsius. They exhibit excellent high-temperature resistance. This feature is able to withstand extreme temperatures and heat changes in high-temperature furnaces without structural changes. Therefore, they are suitable for maintaining durability in high-temperature working environments.

High Strength

Refractory castables are composed of high-performance refractory aggregates and binders. After proper mixing, they have high density, low porosity, and high strength. They exhibit excellent wear resistance. Additionally, under high pressure and torsional forces, castables do not crack or deform. This is crucial for their ability to withstand mechanical stresses in high-temperature environments.

Lightweight Insulating Castable

Wide Uses of Kerui Refractory Casting Castable

Refractories castables, refractory coatings, and refractory prefabricated components have extensive applications in many industries. They are commonly used for lining high-temperature equipment such as furnace linings, furnace doors, chimneys, furnace covers, outlet pipes, wear repair areas, and insulation layers. Additionally, they are widely used in the construction of refractory structures and road construction.

  • In the steel and metallurgy industry, they are used in blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, heating furnaces, metallurgical furnaces, hearths, and so on.
  • In non-ferrous metal smelting, they are used in non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces, electric furnaces, heating furnaces, electrolytic cells, oxidation converters, electric arc furnaces, and so on.
  • In the building materials and industrial manufacturing industry, they are used in atmosphere kilns, vacuum furnaces, ceramic kilns, cement kilns, lime kilns, calcination kilns, rotary kilns, and so on.
  • In power plants, they are used in boilers, waste incinerators, high-temperature reactors, cracking furnaces, and so on.
  • In other industries, they are used in cremators, heat treatment furnaces, road construction and repair, buildings, nitric acid condensation towers, and so on.

Global Cases of Refractory Castable

Factory Castable Refractory Price from Kerui Refractory

The Kerui refractory castable price is dependent on factors such as product composition, manufacturing process, quantity, and customization requirements. However, we are the original refractories manufacturers in China with strong production capabilities and comprehensive product support services. Importantly, we offer competitive prices. If you are interested in our products and solutions, please provide us with your detailed requirements.

Export of Insulating Gunned Castable to Russia in April 2024
Delivery of Kerui Castable to Russia in April 2024

Strict Manufacturing Process of Kerui Refractory Casting Castable

Kerui Refractory’s refractory castables are made through a strict production process. From selecting raw materials to testing finished refractory cement, we adhere to rigorous standards. Additionally, we can customize the composition of castables based on customer requirements. And we creates a unique product for each customer Our shipped refractory cement comes with a high quality guarantee. Please refer to the production process flowchart for more details.

Castables Production Process

Choose Kerui Refractory as Castable Refractory Manufacturer

International Certification

Kerui Refractory holds multiple international certificates and 20+ patents, including ISO, SGS, CE, and so on. This ensures that Kerui Refractory’s products meet international standards and are highly innovative. The patents of Kerui Refractory leads the industry in development.

High Customer Satisfaction

Kerui Refractory has customers from 50+ countries, spanning various high-temperature industries. They have high satisfaction and repurchase rates for castables and other products. See some cases here. We are a trusted refractory castable manufacturer for our customers.

Factory Strength

The 20,000 square meter factory includes raw material areas, batching areas, production areas, and storage areas for castables. The fully digital automated production system ensures precise batching and production of refractory cement materials. Additionally, the annual production capacity exceeds 50,000 tons. This showcases the factory’s strong production capabilities.

Quality Assurance

Raw materials and finished castables undergo strict testing before use. Furthermore, Kerui Refractory’s factory is located in Xinmi City, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, where there is an abundance of high-quality raw materials. Using premium materials to produce high-quality castables.

Exclusive Services

International business managers provide personalized one-on-one services. Additionally, technical teams, logistics teams, and shipping teams are always available to support customers. We can provide customers with a one-stop refractory material solution, including castables, refractory bricks, and so on, ensuring worry-free applications in high-temperature industries.

After-Sales Service

Kerui Refractory offers comprehensive construction services, including construction, debugging, and training. Additionally, we provide technical consultation and after-sales tracking services. We stay in touch with customers to understand any issues they may encounter while using castables and provide timely guidance to enhance customer satisfaction.

Kerui Certificates 2024
Kerui Has Various International Certificates

Kerui Refractory is Your Expert of Castable Refractory Solution

Kerui Refractory offers a wide variety of refractory castables and provides customized products for you to choose from. As a manufacturer and supplier of castables, we offer personalized services. With advanced technology and years of experience, we have the capability to meet the most challenging requirements for castable. Our professional team provides technical guidance and construction services to ensure the successful use of our products. If you are interested in our products, please contact us through Email or Kerui WhatsApp.