Kiln Refractory Cement

Kiln refractory cement can be used for many industrial high-temperature equipment. It is usually used with cement kiln bricks to construct industrial equipment. Refractory cement compared with cement kiln refractory bricks, it is easier to repair the linings of kilns.

Common Kiln Cement

Refractory cement includes high alumina cement, low lime alumina refractory cement, calcium aluminate cement, and low lime alumina refractory cement.

  • High alumina cement can undertake biological and chemical erosion, especially sulfate erosion. Moreover, it has high refractoriness that can resist 1300-1400℃. In this situation, high alumina cement can used for cement rotary kilns, coke ovens, and other high-temperature equipment.
  • Calcium aluminate cement includes three types: CA50, CA70, and CA80. The alumina content increases in sequence. The highest refractoriness is up to 1750℃. They all have high refractoriness, good compressive strength, and great hardness. In this situation,  calcium aluminate cement is usually used for boiler linings, metallurgy industrial equipment, cement kilns, and rapid urgent projects.
  • Low lime alumina refractory cement has high refractoriness and good acid chemical resistance. It can withstand 1650℃. Besides, it can also be used as a refractory material by adding calcined bauxite or high alumina brick. It can used in the linings of high-temperature equipment and high-temperature work eroded by rain.
  • All in all, kiln cement needs to be used with kiln refractory bricks to construct rotary kilns, ladles, and other industrial equipment. Kiln refractory cement also can fill the crack to ensure heat utilization and sustain the temperature in the equipment.

rotary kiln


Kerui has a good kiln cement recipe that can keep a stable chemical structure. In this situation, the high-temperature equipment can sustain a stable volume to extend the life cycle. Kerui can add other refractory products into the cement to help customers get better kiln refractory cement. This can greatly save more time and economic costs for customers.