Rotary Kiln Refractory

Rotary kiln refractory can use refractory bricks and castable. Rotary kilns can be divided into three types according to different industries: Cement rotary kilns, lime rotary kilns, and chemical rotary kilns. In the operation process, rotary kilns’ refractory lining undertakes mechanical shock from rotation. Kerui can provide high-quality rotary kiln bricks and castable for customers.

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Refractory Used in Rotary Kiln

No matter what kind of rotary kiln, they all have three parts: the outlet, the body, and the inlet.

The body of rotary kilns receives the most erosion. In this part, rotary kilns use high alumina bricks, fire clay bricks, magnesia bricks, and magnesia alumina spinel bricks. They have good refractoriness that can resist thermal shock resistance. Moreover, rotary kiln brick lining will eroded by chemical slags. In this situation, refractory lining in a cement rotary kiln can use silica bricks to resist chemical erosion.

The outlet of rotary kilns can use high alumina bricks, magnesia chrome bricks, and high alumina castable. This part needs to undertake the extreme temperature. These refractory materials can help to sustain a stable structure of rotary kilns.

The inlet of rotary kilns can use magnesia alumina spinel bricks, silica carbide bricks, and dolomite bricks. The metal materials are put into the equipment from the inlet. In this situation, the inlet will be damaged by metal materials. These bricks have great hardness that can resist wear. Besides, these bricks have a good thermal conductivity that can keep a high temperature in the equipment.


Kerui can provide good lining materials for rotary kiln calcined bauxite. The refractories used in rotary kilns are easily damaged. In Kerui factory, we have an automatic system to control the raw materials ratio. Besides, we have a professional quality control lab to inspect every product. Finally, we have various kinds of rotary kiln lining bricks and castable. If customers need special sizes of high-temperature refractory bricks, Kerui can provide customized service for customers.