Magnesia Carbon Refractory Brick

Magnesia carbon refractory brick has improved mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance due to the addition of carbon. It is widely used in the steelmaking industry and other sectors. Kerui Refractory, as the leading manufacturer, offers a wide range of magnesia bricks. This kind of bricks are exported to more than 50+ countries.

  • MgO:≥69-85%;
  • C: ≥5-18%;
  • Bulk Density: 2.87-3.15g/cm³;
  • Cold Crushing Strength: 30-50MPa;
  • Apparent Porosity: ≤5%;
  • Max service temp:1750℃
  • Size: 230*114*65mm (standard) and other sizes;
  • Shipment: 15-30 working days;
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Magnesia Carbon Refractory Brick

Types of Kerui Mag Carbon Brick

Kerui Refractory mainly offers 26 types of magnesia carbon bricks. The main difference between these types lies in the content of carbon and magnesia oxide. Please choose the appropriate brick based on the characteristics of each type.

ItemMgO, %C, %Apparent Porosity, %Bulk Density, g/cm³Cold Crushing Strength, MPa
MT-8A82 8 4.53.0545
MT-8B81 8 5.0 3.00 45
MT-10A80 10 4.0 3.0240
MT-10B79 10 4.52.9740
MT-12A78 12 4.0 2.9740
MT-12B77 12 4.0 2.9435
MT-14A76 14 3.52.9538
MT-14B74 14 3.52.90 35
MT-16A74 16 3.52.9235
MT-16B72 16 3.52.8735
MT-18A72 18 3.0 2.8935
MT-18B70 18 3.52.8430

Kerui MgO-C- Bricks for Packaging

Kerui Magnesia Carbon Refractory Bricks

Introduction of Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia carbon bricks are mainly composed of magnesia sand, graphite, resin, or tar asphalt as raw materials. These materials are mixed, pressed, and thermally plasticized to form magnesia carbon bricks. Bricks combine the high refractoriness of magnesia sand with the thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of carbon. They perform excellently in high-temperature applications.

Quality Kerui Magnesia Carbon Blocks
Shipment of Quality Kerui Magnesia Carbon Blocks

What are Magnesia Carbon Bricks Properties?

Heat Shock Resistance

Kerui high-quality carbon has the characteristics of rapid heat absorption and dispersion, which helps reduce the impact of heat stress on bricks, thereby enhancing their heat shock resistance.

High Slag Corrosion Resistance

Kerui MgO-C bricks combine the characteristics of magnesia and carbon. It has high resistance to metal oxides and other corrosive substances.

High Temperature Resistance

In Kerui magnesite bricks, the refractoriness of high-quality magnesia is usually tested at 2800-3000 degrees Celsius. The combination of magnesia and carbon enhances its high-temperature resistance.

Strong Mechanical Strength

Kerui magnesia carbon bricks have high mechanical performance. It has good wear resistance. Additionally, it can withstand a certain degree of compressive strength and flexural strength.

Low Thermal Expansion

Kerui bricks have minimal volume changes when subjected to thermal expansion at high temperatures. It has good stability and is widely used in high-temperature industrial fields.

High Thermal Conductivity

Magnesia carbon refractory bricks rapidly conduct heat at high temperatures. It helps maintain temperature balance in the working environment, improving energy efficiency.

Magnesia Carbon Bricks in Bulk for Packaging
Kerui Magnesia Carbon Bricks with Good Features

Magnesia Carbon Bricks Uses

Steel Smelting Industry

In the steel industry, magnesium carbon bricks are widely used for their excellent performance in various equipment such as oxygen converters, electric arc furnaces, ladles, refining furnaces, tundishes, and slag pots. These bricks can withstand the high temperatures, corrosion, rapid temperature changes, high pressure, wear, and strong mechanical conditions present in the steelmaking process, allowing them to maintain stability in steel industry equipment production for extended periods.

Other Industries

In other industries, magnesia carbon bricks are also applied in alkaline working environments, including the cement, glass, and petrochemical industries. They are primarily used for lining cement kilns, flues, glass furnaces, glass ladles, refining equipment, and petrochemical reactors. These bricks can resist chemical corrosion from substances and gases, making them suitable for various alkaline high-temperature kilns or equipment.

What is Magnesia Carbon Brick Price?

If you would like to know the specific price of Kuirui magnesite carbon bricks, please provide us with detailed information, including quantity, dimensions, application scenarios, customization requirements, composition, and other relevant details. The price of magnesia carbon bricks varies depending on the specific needs of the customer.

Naturally, the greater the quantity purchased, the greater the discount we can offer. Additionally, we may provide discounts to customers during specific periods. Therefore, if you have a need for this type of brick, please leave us a message.

Competitive Magnesia Carbon Brick Prices - Kerui
Competitive Magnesia Carbon Brick Prices – Kerui

Kerui Refractory is Your Magnesia Carbon Bricks Manufacturer

Source Factory

The source factory of Kerui Refractory has its own production facility, which includes raw material storage areas, production zones, and finished product storage areas.

Refractory material manufacturers boast state-of-the-art automated production lines, featuring 2 sets of 168-meter tunnel kilns and 20 high-end presses, ensuring both efficiency and quality in the production of magnesia carbon bricks.


Our products are crafted using premium materials such as high-quality magnesia sand and carbon, with rigorous testing conducted on all raw materials to guarantee their quality.

The magnesia carbon bricks are meticulously pressed using advanced equipment. This ensures a consistently high product quality.


Kerui Refractory is supported by a professional service team, comprising technical experts, quality inspectors, shipping personnel, construction teams, and dedicated after-sales support, among others.

We offer a comprehensive range of services from product selection to construction, providing customers with a worry-free purchasing and construction experience, and delivering the best possible customer satisfaction.

Kerui Certificates 2024
Kerui Has Various International Certificates

How to Use Magnesia Carbon Bricks Properly?

  • Choose magnesia carbon bricks with suitable composition, quantity, and shape based on specific application scenarios.
  • Before construction, workers should ensure the cleanliness and integrity of the magnesia carbon bricks.
  • During installation, considering the linear expansion rate of magnesia carbon bricks, ensure proper tightness with surrounding materials.
  • During use, technical personnel should use magnesia carbon bricks reasonably within the technical parameters range, such as temperature, cold compression strength, etc.
  • Technical personnel should regularly inspect the condition of magnesia carbon bricks and perform regular cleaning and maintenance.

Choose Excellent Solutions with Kerui Refractory’s Magnesia

Kerui magnesia carbon refractory brick plays an important role in the steel and other high-temperature industries. The magnesia carbon bricks are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and advanced production processes. The quality and output of the products are under unified control and management. In addition, Kerui Refractory provides customers with comprehensive services. We can offer long-lasting and durable solutions to meet their high-temperature requirements.