Checker Brick

Checker brick is a kind of refractory brick that can withstand 1740-1780℃. It can be used in hot blast stoves, glass kilns, and regenerators of coke ovens. Compared with other refractory bricks, it has a strong heat exchange capacity, large heat storage area, reduced energy consumption, volume stability, and other features.

  • Types: Clay, High-alumina, Mullite, Silica, Sillimanite, etc;
  • Holes: 7/19/31/37/65/others;
  • Delivery: 15-30 Working Days;
  • Price: Low Ex-factory Price;
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High Crushing Strength
High Working Temperature
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
Good Thermal Stability
Checker Brick

Types of Checker Brick

According to the numbers of holes, chequer bricks have the following types:

  • 7-hole bricks;
  • 19-hole bricks;
  • 31-hole brick;
  • 37-hole bricks.
Kerui Chequer Brick with Seven Holes
Kerui Chequer Brick with 7 Holes
Checker Brick with Nineteen Holes
Checker Brick with 19 Holes
Kerui Checker Brick with Sixty-Five Hole
Kerui Checker Brick with 65 Hole

According to the components, chequer bricks have several types:

  • Clay checker bricks;
  • High-alumina checker bricks;
  • Mullite checker bricks;
  • Silica checker bricks;
  • Sillimanite bricks;
High Alumina Chequer Bricks Exported to South Korea
High Alumina Checker Brick Exported to South Korea

Characteristics of Chequer Bricks

Strong Heat Exchange Capacity

This kind of refractory bricks China has a strong heat exchange capacity. This means that it has good thermal conductivity. When it is used for the regenerator of coke ovens, it contributes to rapidly making cold air turn into hot air.

Large Heat Storage Area

Chequer bricks have a lot of holes. These holes increase the contact area between bricks and hot air. So they can rapidly store the heat and transfer the heat. In a regenerative chamber, chequer brick has a small resistance force that can smooth ventilation.

Good Creep Resistance

Good creep resistance contributes to keeping a stable volume of high-temperature equipment in high-temperature situations. Besides, these bricks usually are hexagons. It can greatly increase the stability of checker bricks.

Production of Kerui Chequer Bricks
Production of Checker Bricks

Applications of Checker Brick

Chequer bricks are usually used in hot blast stoves, glass kilns, regenerators of coke ovens, electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces, AOD furnaces, VOD furnaces, thermal technology equipment, etc.

It is worth to noting that it usually uses clay checker brisks in hot blast stoves, when the hot air is less than 900℃. When the hot air is more than 900℃, it usually uses high-alumina checker brick, mullite checker brick, silica checker brick, and sillimanite refractory bricks.

Kerui Checker Bricks Applied in Blast Furnace
Checker Bricks Applied in Blast Furnace

Choose Kerui to Get Checker Bricks

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Delivery of Brick Checkers
Delivery of Brick Checkers
Fast Shipment of Chequer Bricks Blast Furnace
Fast Shipment of Checker Bricks Blast Furnace