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About Kerui

Zhengzhou Kerui Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a branch of Zhengzhou Kerui Refractory Co., Ltd., located in the largest refractory industry zone: Chaohua Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province, China. Kerui Refractory provides all types of refractory products for the global high-temperature industries, including refractory bricks and materials, insulation bricks and materials, kiln furniture, industrial ceramic materials, etc.
Categories of Products
Tons Annual Capacity

Kerui Products

NO.1 Refractory Fire Bricks
Refractory bricks consist of various refractory materials, such as aluminum, silicon, magnesium, and so on.
NO.2 Insulation Bricks
Insulation bricks are lightweight bricks made of thermal insulation materials such as alumina and silica.
NO.3 Ceramic Fiber Products
Ceramic fiber products are high-performance thermal insulation materials. We mainly provide 9 types.
NO.4 Monolithic Refractory Products
Monolithic refractory products are made from refractory materials. They are in the form of powder.
NO.5 Kiln Furniture
Kiln furniture is made from cordierite, mullite, silicon carbide, etc. It can directly touch the fired material.
NO.6 Industrial Ceramic Materials
These materials include alumina ceramic products, silicon molybdenum rods, silicon carbon rods, and others.

Application Industries

Iron & Steel





Cement & Lime

Kerui Service
Customized Refractory Solution Services
  • One-on-one consulting services from a professional international manager;
  • Refractory material combination plan;
  • Comprehensive kiln application solution;
  • Drawing design solution;
  • Professional construction team;
  • Professional after-sales team support and lifetime guarantee.
Technical Services
  • Professional product technical guidance from 20+ technical personnel;
  • Technical guidance on the application of refractories;
  • Technical guidance on the physical and chemical properties of refractories;
  • Guidance on the use of refractories;
  • Construction technology video guidance;
  • Operation and maintenance technical guidance.
Quality Testing Services
  • High-quality incoming material inspection;
  • High-temperature reheating/load softening creep test furnace;
  • Compressive/flexural strength testing bench;
  • Composition testing and inspection platform;
  • Laboratory for physical/chemical properties.
  • Other professional test support and free samples.
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