Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable

Silicon carbide refractory castable is a type of refractory castable material. It has high-temperature resistance, high strength, and a high thermal conductivity coefficient. It is mainly used for steel tapping holes, waste incinerators, electric arc furnace roofs, and so on. Kerui Refractory has a large stock of this material available. Additionally, we offer discounted factory prices.

  • SiC + C: 58-83%;
  • Al2O3: 9-20%;
  • PLC: -0.06-0.2%;
  • Water Required for Casting: 45084-45115%;
  • TC: 8-11.5kcal/mhºC;
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Basic Parameters of Silicon Carbide Castable

Maximum service temperature, ℃130014001600
Al2O3, %≤35≤2575
SiC, %≥30≥50/
B.D After Drying at 110℃, g/cm³2.42.52.7
Cold Bending Strength, Mpa110℃*24h9810
Cold Compressive Strength, Mpa110℃*24h8070100
Linear Change Rate After Burning PLC, %1100℃*3h±0.3±0.4±0.4
Construction Reference Water Consumption, %6-76-75-6

Composition of Silicon Carbide Castable

Silicon carbide refractory castable is mainly composed of refractory aggregates, refractory powders, and additives. These raw materials contribute to its excellent performance. Besides, there are many high temp castable refractory for you to choose from.

  • Refractory aggregates and powders include silicon carbide, corundum, alumina, zircon, silicate cement, and so on.
  • Additives include retarders, water reducers, enhancers, and so on.

Advantages of Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable

  • High-temperature resistance: Silicon carbide has a melting point of 1750 degrees Celsius. It exhibits high resistance to high temperatures.
  • Thermal shock resistance: It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and can withstand extreme thermal stresses.
  • Good abrasion resistance: Silicon carbide has a hardness second only to diamond. This feature allows it to withstand heavy loads and mechanical wear.
  • Corrosion resistance: This material is suitable for environments with high levels of acid and alkali corrosion.
  • Good thermal conductivity: This material has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It is usually used in parts requiring heat dissipation.
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Application of Silicon Carbide Castable

Silicon carbide castable is mainly used for wear parts, kiln linings, iron tapping holes, and so on. Its application is in the following high-temperature kilns: steel furnaces, aluminum smelting furnaces, waste incinerators, cement kilns, cyclone furnaces, fluidized bed furnaces, boilers, and other kilns.

Choose the Suitable Types

Silicon carbide refractory castables have different usage scenarios and alternative products. Please send us the following information, and we will recommend suitable refractory items for you:

  • Determine the temperature range of use;
  • Application chemical environment;
  • Determine the dimensions of the material used;
  • Choose between cost-effective products or high-performance products.

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