Low Cement Refractory Castable

Low cement castable is refractory castable with a cement content of less than 8%. They generally have more advantages than traditional cement castables (cement content 10-20%), such as high strength, high refractoriness, strong thermal shock resistance, and so on. Contact Kerui Refractory to customize your castable solution.

  • Al2O3: ≥45-92%;
  • SiO2: 5-50%;
  • Bulk Density: 2.3-3g/cm³;
  • Cold Crushing Strength: 72-85MPa;
  • Max Service Temperature: 1450-1700ºC.
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High-Temperature Resistance
Impact Resistance
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Great Wear Resistance
Low Cement Refractory Castable - Kerui Refractory

Parameters of Kerui Low Cement Refractory Castable

Item/GradeClayHigh AluminaCorundum
ω (Al2O3) ≥/%457592
ω (SiO2) ≥/%50125
ω (CaO)
Bulk Density(g/cm3)2.32.63
Cold Crushing Strength/Mpa727585
Permanent Linear Change/±%
Max Service Temperature/℃145016001700
Water Needed/%6.0-6.56.0-6.54.0-5.0

Low Cement Castable Refractory - Kerui Refractory

Advantages of Kerui Low Cement Castable Refractory

  • High strength: Low-cement castables increase the amount of fine aggregate and ultrafine powder. This improves the density and strength of the material.
  • Strong corrosion resistance: This castable refractory reduces the content of alkaline materials. It can resist the chemical erosion of acidic and alkaline slags.
  • High refractoriness: Low-cement castables use refractory materials. This improves the refractoriness by more than 100-200 degrees Celsius.
  • Good thermal shock resistance: The low-cement ratio is optimized, and the thermal expansion coefficient is low. It can stably resist thermal shock.
  • Good building performance: Low-cement castables have good flowability. It can be used as a filler for any shape. It is very convenient for construction.

Applications of Kerui Low Cement Castable Refractory Material

  • Metallurgical industry: Low-cement castables are used in blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, electric furnaces, open hearth furnaces, converters, melting furnaces, and sintering furnaces. They are mainly used for furnace linings. They can help improve the production efficiency of the kiln.
  • Building materials industry: Low-cement castables are used in cement kilns, glass kilns, ceramic kilns, and refractory kilns. They are mainly used for linings. It is the key guarantee for the production of building materials.
  • Chemical industry: Low-cement castables are used in chemical furnaces, reactors, pipelines, and burners.
  • Power industry: Low-cement castables are used in boilers, turbines, flues, and dust collectors.