Ceramic Fiber Tape

Ceramic fiber tape is woven with high-purity ceramic fiber yarn. It can withstand more than 600℃. The tapes can be cut into various sizes and shapes that are used as insulation gaskets. Kerui offers a large of quality tapes to 30+ countries, including Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  • Continuous Temp Use Limit: 600-1050ºC;
  • Bulk Density: ≤650kg/m³;
  • Thickness: ≥3mm; Customized;
  • Width: 1m > width ≥30mm; Customized;
  • Length: 30000 or Customized;
  • Additional Fiber: Glass fiber or stainless steel;
  • Delivery: 7-15 Working Days;
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Metal Erosion Ability and Electrical Insulation
Non-Toxic, Harmless, And Odorless
Kerui ceramic fiber tape

Technical Specifications of Ceramic Fiber Tape

ItemCeramic Fiber ClothCeramic Fiber Tape
Physical PropertyGlass FiberStainless SteelGlass FiberStainless Steel
Bulk Density, kg/m³500
Size, mm30000*1000*2/330000*50/75*2/3
Moisture Content, %≤2
Continuous Temperature Use Limit, ℃65010506001050
Organic Content, %≤15


  • Ceramic fiber tape with glass fiber added can enhance insulation and alkali resistance. It can be used under 650ºC.
  • Ceramic fiber tape with stainless steel wire added can enhance temperature resistance and compressive strength. It can be used under 1050ºC.

Ceramic Fiber Tape for Sale
Kerui Ceramic Fiber Tape

Sizes of Ceramic Insulation Fiber Tape

The size of Kerui tape is 30000 x 50/75 x 3mm. If you need other thicknesses, widths, or lengths, you can contact our consultant.

Kerui ceramic fiber tape
ceramic fiber tape

Characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Tape

  • Good insulation: Ceramic gasket tape has good insulation that can be used as covers for high-temperature tubes. Ceramic fiber is an excellent insulation material. It can reduce heat loss to keep a stable temperature in tubes. Meanwhile, ceramic fiber tapes help to protect the workers’ safety.
  • Good Flexibility: Ceramic insulation tape is easily cut into different shapes because of its good flexibility. The texture of ceramic gasket tape is between ceramic fiber cloth and ceramic fiber rope. The proper thickness improves the softness and flexibility of ceramic fiber insulation tapes.
  • Great Thermal Shock Resistance: Tape is woven with alumina-silicate fiber that has a stable physical structure. So it can resist thermal shock in high-temperature situations. It can used as the high-temperature gaskets on the top of furnaces.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity: Low thermal conductivity contributes to sustaining the high temperature in the equipment. Using Kerui tape and insulation bricks as the lining of the insulation layer can greatly increase energy utilization.
  • Chemical Erosion Resistance: Ceramic fiber tape has a stable chemical structure. It can resist chemical solution erosion. So even in extreme environments, the tapes will not affect production.
  • Low Weight: Ceramic gasket tape has low weight. In this situation, it can be easier to construct than other products. And in the construction process, it can save economic and time costs.

ceramic fiber tapes
kerui ceramic fiber tape

Applications of Ceramic Gasket Tape

Ceramic fiber insulation tapes can used as insulation covers, strip curtains, door seals of high-temperature equipment, tadpole gaskets, and high-temperature insulation gaskets. It is also used for insulation wrapping material for cable, wire, pipe, exhaust, etc.

When ceramic fiber products are burned for the first time, an organic reaction will occur, causing them to turn black and produce sparks. This using situation is normal and products can be used without worry.

industrial furnace
usage of tape

High-quality Control

As a ceramic fiber tape supplier, Kerui will strictly control the quality of insulation tapes. In our factory, we have a product quality control lab and high-precision production equipment. Kerui welcomes customers from different countries to visit our factory.

Moreover, our products have multiple international certificates and patents. So, Kerui tape has a quality guarantee.

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One-stop Service

Kerui not only has ceramic fiber products but also has kinds of refractory bricks. Customers can purchase all the refractory materials and insulation materials in Kerui. Besides, our consultants will according to customers’ usages recommend suitable products. View more solutions on Kerui Linkedin.