Furnace Refractory Cement

Refractory cement is easier to construct than bricks. In this situation, it can greatly save the labor costs in construction. So many industrial furnaces use refractory cement to construct high-temperature equipment. If you don’t know where to buy high-quality refractory cement, you can contact Kerui.

Introduction of Refractory Cement

The refractoriness of refractory cement could not be less than 1580℃. There are three types: high alumina cement, calcium aluminate cement, and low lime aluminate cement.

How to Apply the Furnace Cement

Refractory cement is widely used in many industrial high-temperature equipment, including the metal industry, electron industry, steel industry, and industrial furnaces.

High aluminate cement has good sulfate resistance. It will form a protective film in the chemical reaction process. So it can resist sulfate erosion. Besides, high aluminate cement has high refractoriness. In this situation, it can be used for the linings of rotary furnaces, the tops of electronic stoves, and ladle linings. It also can be used for urgent repair.

Calcium aluminate cement has many types: CA50, CA70, and CA80. They all have great hardness and high refractoriness. Besides, the cement drying time is short. So it is used for road rush repair. By adding different materials, calcium aluminate cement can made into different castable. It can be used for boilers, rotary furnace preheaters, and shaft furnaces. After adding corundum, it can be used for the top of the LF furnaces.

Low lime aluminate cement can withstand more than 1650℃ high-temperature environment. It can add high alumina brick fragments to make refractory mortar for furnaces. It can be used for rotary linings, other industrial furnaces, and high-temperature projects eroded by rain.

Strictly Quality Control

Kerui can ensure all the refractory cement has passed the inspection of institutions. We have ISO, CE, and SGS certificates. In the production line, we will have professional quality control personnel to inspect randomly. And even before delivery, we will inspect refractory cement again to ensure the perfect quality and package.

Unique Service of Kerui

We have our own factory. So if customers need castable, we can mix refractory cement with other materials to make into castable. Kerui can also give support that helps customers construct the linings of high-temperature furnaces. Moreover, we not only sell refractory to large-scale industrial groups but also sell to small and middle-sized enterprises. Every customer can purchase all materials in Kerui at once because we provide a one-stop service.