Kiln Refractory Material

Kiln refractory materials have many types: kiln refractory and kiln insulation materials. Choosing the right materials for kilns can prolong the service time of high temperatures. Commonly kilns include rotary kilns, tunnel kilns, shaft kilns, and so on.

Kiln Refractory for Different Kilns

Kiln Refractory Material for Rotary Kiln

Rotary kilns are usually used in the cement industry. Cement rotary kilns use high alumina bricks, magnesia chrome bricks, magnesia alumina spinel bricks, and magnesia iron spinel bricks. Refractory substances for rotary kiln undertake strong mechanical shock and chemical erosion. The bricks mentioned above can resist extreme environments in the kilns. Besides, Rotary kiln insulation materials can use ceramic fiber blankets.

rotary kilns
tunnel kiln
shaft kilns

Kiln Refractory Material for Tunnel Kiln

Tunnel kilns are usually used in the ceramic industry. The corundum bricks, silica bricks, and sillimanite bricks are the ideal refractory materials for ceramic kilns. These bricks have a stable chemical structure and high under load temperature. They can sustain a stable volume in the production process. The insulation for kilns can use mullite brick.

Kiln Refractory Material for Shaft Kilns

Shaft kilns usually make cement and lime. High alumina bricks, magnesia bricks, and magnesia alumina bricks are used for the linings of shaft kilns. High alumina castable is used for the bottom. The insulation material is used ceramic fiber blankets for kilns. Shaft kilns will undertake much crash by raw materials. In this situation, Kerui advises customers to use refractories with high compressive strength. Shaft kilns also use ceramic fiber blankets for the kiln.

Optimal Refractory Materials Solution for Kilns

Kerui offers optimal refractory materials solutions for global customers. We have abundant refractory experience in various industries. In some cases, we help customers construct cement kilns, cooling stave of blast furnaces, and so on. If you are interested, you can read more details.

Open Attitude to the Refractory Industry

Kerui actively attends the Refractories Expo. We always keep an open attitude to international and other refractory suppliers. We are glad to discuss refractory industrial technology. It contributes to solving more problems in refractories’ practical use.