Refractory Balls

Refractory balls can withstand more than 1710℃. They have great compressive strength, good thermal shock, chemical corrosion resistance, and other characteristics. According to the different materials, they can be divided into high alumina balls, corundum balls, silica balls, magnesium balls, mullite balls, and so on.

  • Shapes: Round;
  • Al2O3: 70-86%;
  • Bulk & Density: 2.6-3.05g/cm³;
  • Apparent Porosity: 18-24%;
  • Cold Crushing Value: 15-35KN;
  • Softening Start Temperature with Load: 1550℃(100N/Ball);
  • Size: Φ20-Φ70mm;
  • Delivery: 15-30 working days;
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Refractory Balls

Specifications of Kerui Refractory Balls

Bulk & Density / (g/cm³)
Apparent Porosity / %18182224
Cold Crushing Value/KN35352515
Softening Start Temperature with Load / ℃(100N/Ball)1550155015501550
Thermal Vibration Stability871015
(1100℃, Cold Water)/Times
Creep Efficiency/%(100N/Ball,1400℃,50h)---1
Kerui Quality Refractory Balls
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Sizes of Refractory Ceramic Balls

The sizes of Kerui refractory balls have different sizes, including Φ20mm, Φ30mm, Φ40mm, Φ50mm, Φ60mm, and Φ70mm. Kerui can produce various sizes according to your needs. Meantime, we can punch holes in the balls.

Refractory Balls with Different Sizes
Kerui Refractory Balls

Characteristics of Kerui Balls

  • Great Compressive Strength: Refractory ceramic balls have a special shape. They are spheres that can sustain a stable volume in high-pressure situations. They can distribute the pressure to every part of the sphere. So they can withstand the high pressure in the industrial equipment.
  • Good Chemical Corrosion Resistance: These balls can resist chemical corrosion. But high alumina balls, corundum balls, and mullite balls can resist acid and alkali erosion; Silica balls can resist acid corrosion; Magnesium balls can resist alkali erosion.
  • High Fire Resistance: These balls can withstand more than 1710℃. And they can keep the volume in a steady state. When used in high-temperature equipment, they can quickly complete the heat exchange.
  • Long Service Life: They are easy to clean. Combining good compressive strength and chemical resistance, they can be reused. This is greatly reducing the economic costs.

Applications of Refractory Ceramic Balls

The usage of refractory balls in high-temperature equipment is mainly for exchanging heat and enhance air flow capacity in the steel industry, fertilizer industry, and other industrial equipment.

In the steel industry, they can used in hot blast furnaces in the steel industry, conversion furnaces, heating furnaces, the top of electric furnaces, blast furnaces.

In the fertilizer plants, they suitable for hot air furnaces of fertilizer plants, reformers, hydrogenation furnaces, desulfurization tanks and methanation furnaces, etc.

Reasons for Choose Kerui

Kerui will offer the best service to customers. We have professional personnel to provide one-to-one service. We will recommend the suit refractory balls to customers according to the use conditions of customers. Besides, Kerui factory will take protective measures before delivery. And our factory can ensure that every refractory material will not break in the delivery. If you need other refractory materials, please contact us.