Silica Ramming Mass

Silica ramming mass is a kind of acid ramming mass. It is an important material used for the lining of induction furnaces. In the production process, the acid-base property of ramming mass used for linings can directly affect steel production.

  • Service Temperature: 1600-1700℃;
  • SiO Composition Proportion: 90%;
  • Bending Time: 1-2h/2-3h;
  • Price: Low Price for Customers;
  • Delivery: 15-30 Working Days;
Free Sample Available to Any Country
Good Acid Chemical Erosion
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
High Refractoriness Cycle
Long Using Period
silica ramming mass

Basic Parameters of Kerui Silica Ramming Mass

Binding time1h~2h1h~2h2h~3h
0.2Mpa RUL /℃160014201600
ApplicationHot blast furnaceCoke ovenGlass furnace

silica ramming mass
silica ramming mass for sale

Features of Silica Ramming Mass

  • Good Wear Resistance: The main content of mass is SiO which has a stable physical structure. In the smelting steel process, the metal will shock the lining of high-temperature equipment. Using this ramming mass can greatly sustain a stable volume of industrial equipment.
  • Acid Chemical resistance: SiO is a kind of acidic oxide material. So it can resist the acid chemical slag erosion. The linings of induction furnaces use different lining materials according to different chemical slag. Alkaline and neutral linings can resist alkaline slags. Acid and neutral linings can resist acid slag.
  • Low Thermal Expansion: Silica ramming mass has a low thermal expansion that can sustain a steady volume of industrial equipment. The thermal shock resistance of the ramming mass is better than the alumina ramming mass. The frequent outages of induction furnaces will not crack as linings.
  • Low-cost Linings for Equipment: Ramming mass price is lower than other refractory materials. Besides, it has a stable physical and chemical structure. In this situation, the life cycle of the ramming mass can be extended.

Kerui Silica Refractory Ramming Mass
Kerui Silica Ramming Mass for Sale

Application of Silica Ramming Mass

Silica ramming mass can be used for the lining of induction furnaces, electric arc furnaces, incinerators, and foundries. This can also used for ladles and tundishes in steel plants and glass furnaces.

induction furnace

High-purity Raw Material

As a silica ramming mass manufacturer, Kerui pledges to use the high-purity raw material to produce ramming mass. We ensure the composition proportion of SiO is up to 90%. Besides, in the production process, we have an automatic system to check the purity of production. We also have professional quality control personnel to check the quality of ramming mass.

One-stop Service for Customers

Expect ramming mass, Kerui has many refractory bricks for sale. If you need other refractory materials, our technicians can recommend suitable materials according to your environment. This helps to reduce the time costs of customers. Use WhatsApp to contact us.