Upgrading the Cooling Stave of Blast Furnaces for Customer

This is a case about upgrading the cooling stave of the blast furnace. In this case, Kerui engineer designed a cooling stave for the customer. Compared with the old cooling stave, the new cooling stave can better resist the high-temperature working environment.

Refractory Bricks for Cooling Stave

Cooling stave is an important cooling system. The using effect and life cycle of cooling stave can directly affect the blast furnaces. So choosing suitable refractory bricks could prolong the life cycle of the blast furnace. This time, Kerui engineer selected high alumina bricks and silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks as the refractory materials for the cooling stave.


The Foundation Part of Cooling Stave

In the foundation, technicians use high alumina cement to bond high alumina bricks. High alumina bricks have good thermal stability and strong slag resistance. So high alumina bricks can resist the slag abrasion and hot air shock in the blast furnace. Moreover, using high alumina brick can form a protective film to avoid damage. In this situation, the service time and heat utilization of the cooling stave can be effectively improved.

blast furnace construction
high alumina bricks

The Cone and Nozzle Parts of Cooling Stave

In the cone and nozzle part, Kerui recommends using silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks as the refractory bricks. Raw metal materials will erode the cone parts when poured into the blast furnace. The nozzle parts need to resist the extreme temperature change. In this situation, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide brick is the ideal refractory material.

kerui construction site
blast furnace cooling stave


In this case, Kerui engineer used high alumina bricks and nitride bond silica carbon bricks as the cooling stave for the customer. We are very glad that it can improve the blast furnace energy utilization and life cycle with our help. Kerui is devoted to providing better refractory materials solutions to customers. We will constantly innovate our technology to produce high-quality refractory materials.