Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks Were Sent to Russia in 2024

Kerui refractory precast blocks were sent to Russia in 2024. Our customer plans to use refractory precast blocks for the nonferrous industry. Compared with refractory bricks, refractory precast blocks are more convenient. There are some details about this case.

Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks Were Sent to Russia

Advantages of Refractory Precast Used for Russian Nonferrous Industry

According to the requirements of the Russian customer, Kerui customized refractory precast blocks. This customer used the refractory precast in the nonferrous industry. The refractory precast blocks are conducive to constructing the high-temperature equipment easily. This can reduce the costs of labor in construction. Besides, refractory precast blocks are made of high-purity refractory castable that have good refractoriness. They can greatly keep the stability of high-temperature equipment and resist chemical erosion.

Widely Applications of Refractory Precast Blocks in Russia

The refractory precast blocks are mainly used for nonferrous industry in Russia. They are usually used in aluminium outlets to resist slag erosion. Besides, they are used for the linings of aluminium melting furnaces, rotary kilns, and molten-salt containers.

However, they can also used in other industrial high-temperature and high-pressure industrial equipment. They can used for the nonferrous industry, steel industry, glass industry, chemical industry, and so on.

Professional Technology Team of Kerui

Finally, the Russian customer chose to deliver the refractory by land carriage. Kerui provides the perfect measures to protect refractory precast blocks, including wooden cases and waterproof and moisture-proof packing. Besides, after refractory products arrive, Kerui offers construction guidance to help the Russian customer construct the equipment.

If you need customized refractory precast blocks, please offer the specifications. Kerui has a quality inspection center to ensure the high quality of every refractory. Meanwhile, If you need any suggestions, we have a professional technological team to recommend a suitable material for your equipment. We will give guidance to ensure every customer successfully installs the refractory precast blocks.