Kerui Mullite Insulation Bricks Exported to Russia in 2023

In 2023, Kerui exported the mullite insulation bricks to Russia. The partner from Russia purchased a large number of white bricks. And this regular partner have purchased our products more than 3 times. The specification of this brick is GR-25. The size is 230mm*114mm*76mm. This delivery was completed successfully.

Kerui Mullite Insulation Bricks Exported to Russia in 2023

Russian Partner Requirements of Mullite Insulation Bricks

Great Insulation Effect

Mullite insulation fire bricks have a good insulation effect. It can be used at temperatures between 1350℃-1700℃. Moreover, it can be in direct contact with the flame. According to the Russian partner’s demand, we suggest the partner use mullite insulation bricks. Because he needs a refractory material that can contact flame directly and used in chemical corrosiveness. There’s no denying that it is a great material.

Keep Volume Stability

Russian partner wants to buy a material that substitutes clay brick. For one thing, mullite insulation fire brick has better refractoriness and lighter weight than clay insulation brick. It can withstand high-temperature and high pressure industrial equipment. For another thing, it can keep the temperature of equipment and enhance the energy utilization rates.

Environment-friendly Material

What’s more, This Russian partner wants a green material. The mullite insulation brick is a kind of environment-friendly material. It will not react with chemical gases so that ensures the stability of equipment in working time. Moreover, It will not release toxic gases into the atmosphere. It could greatly protect environment and extend working time to guarantee the operation of industrial equipment.

High-quality Kerui Mullite Insulation Bricks Exported to Russia
Kerui Mullite Insulation Bricks was Exported to Russia
Package of Kerui Mullite Insulation Bricks to Russia

Widely Usages of Mullite Insulation Bricks in Russia

In Russia, heavy industries development is better than light industries. Mullite insulation fire bricks could be used in many industrial insulation equipment, including hot blast furnace top, blast furnace body and bottom, and so on. It is also suitable for refractory layers, including cracking furnaces, hot blast furnaces, and the lining of other industrial equipment.

Reason of This Partner in Russia Choose Kerui

In Russia, there are many refractory material factories, however, this partner did not choose the Russian refractory material factory. The Russian partner chose Kerui as the cooperation partner because Kerui provides a cheap price of mullite brick, and a professional service team to partners. Kerui factory is in Xinmi, which has abundant raw materials. If partners need refractory products, we can help partners buy all the refractory materials at once.

The One Belt One Road policy helped more and more Chinese products exported to other countries. Kerui has built long-term cooperation relationships with many countries’ partners.