Jordanian Partner Received Refractory Products in 2023

Kerui refractory fire bricks and cement were sold to Jordan in 2023. Aim to develop industry, the Jordanian partner purchased refractory bricks and cement that were used for industrial equipment. This partner has received these products. Then, Kerui provided professional guidance to this Jordan partner.

Jordanian Partner Received Refractory Products in 2023

Industrial Development Need in Jordan

Jordan is short of mineral resources, so they need to import the refractory materials to construct the industrial equipment. They found Kerui online.

The refractory blocks and cement of Kerui have great performance in high-temperature industrial equipment. They can resist high temperatures and high-pressure situations. And they will not react with the chemical gasses in the glass kilns. The refractory materials are mainly used for the glass industry in Jordan.

In glass kilns, refractory bricks and refractory cement are usually used for glass-melting furnaces. They can keep the volume stability of furnaces to prolong the life cycle of the equipment.

Jordanian Partner Received Refractory Bricks and Cement in 2023
Jordanian Partner Received Refractory Bricks in 2023

Overall Solution for This Jordanian Partner

From consultation to construction, Kerui gave an overall solution for Jordan’s partner. According to the different industrial equipment and a reasonable construction period, Kerui designed a professional scheme for this Jordan partner. This is conducive to keeping the high-temperature equipment operational.

It ensures the refractory cement and bricks are used in the correct part of industrial equipment. In this situation, it can greatly avoid the economic losses caused by improper construction. Besides, after the materials have been produced, we will ship goods and update logistics information for partners in time.

In this cooperation process, the Jordanian partner visited our factory. We took this Jordanian partner to visit our production workshop and quality control center. He offered high praise of our factory. And he said, that if he has a demand for refractories in the future, he would be very glad to build a long-term cooperation partnership with Kerui.