Deliver Ceramic Fiber Products and Castable to German

Kerui Refractory arranged the shipment of this batch of ceramic fiber products and castables. The products were shipped to Germany. The partner will use these refractory insulation materials for the steelmaking industry. Please see the shipment pictures.

Delivery of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products and Refractory Cstable to German

Details of This Delivery to German

This shipment includes insulation materials (fireproof fiber board, ceramic fiber ropes) and monolithic materials (plastic refractory castables). These products can play the following roles in the steel industry:

  • These materials can withstand temperatures above 1200°C. This makes them ideal for use in high-temperature applications such as furnaces and kilns.
  • They help to extend the service life of furnace doors and kilns. This is because they are resistant to heat, wear, and tear.
  • These insulation materials can effectively reduce heat transfer. This helps to keep the temperature inside the furnace or kiln stable. This feature can save energy and improve product quality.
  • They can resist corrosion from acidic and alkaline chemical slags. This is because they have a certain degree of chemical inertness.
  • These refractory materials effectively prevent the erosion of molten metal. This is because they have a high melting point and are resistant to chemical attack.
  • These insulation materials can absorb noise and reduce noise transmission. This can create a more comfortable and safe working environment for employees.
Kerui Ceramic Fiber Rope
Ceramic Fiber Boards
Plastic Refractory Castable - Kerui

Applications of These Refractory Materials to German

These high-temperature materials have excellent performance. They will be used by our partner for the following applications:

  • Sealing furnace doors and gaps: To enhance the sealing of the kiln. This will improve the insulation and sealing effects of the kiln.
  • Kiln lining: To enhance the insulation effect of the kiln and reduce the impact of metal solutions on the kiln.
  • Furnace chambers, pipes, and chimneys: These materials will be used for the insulation of these parts.
  • Damaged parts: Plastic refractory castables can be used to repair damaged parts of the furnace.
  • Precast parts: Castables can be used to cast precast parts into the furnace.

In addition to these refractory products, there are many types of insulation materials and non-standard materials. Each of these types has different uses. Kerui Refractory has over 20 years of experience in this industry. If you need these products but don’t know how to choose, you can consult Kerui.