Construction of Lime Kilns was Completed in China

Kerui refractory bricks were used to construct lime kilns in Shexian, Hebei province, China. We advised this Chinese customer to use high alumina bricks to construct the lime kilns. The construction progressed smoothly under the guidance of our technological professional personnel. Let’s take a brief look at the case.

high alumina brick
lime kilns
lime kilns construction

Construction Process in China

In the construction, Kerui provides a professional technological team to guide the construction. Keeping the stability of lime kilns is important for users. We chose the best scheme for this customer. It can save much cost of time and economy. Moreover,  perfect masonry work helps to prolong the life cycle of the lime kilns.

Requirements of Chinese Customer

The customer requires us to recommend a brick with high refractoriness and chemical erosion resistance. Kerui advises the Chinese customer to use the high alumina bricks. High alumina brick can resist more than 1700℃, high concentration acid gas, and corrosive slag. It is an ideal refractory material for the linings of lime kilns.

Feedback from Chinese Customer

The lime kilns are already in use. According to the feedback from the Chinese customer, they are very satisfied with the construction of lime kilns. And they said that the service team of Kerui is very earnest to customers. They are glad to build a good cooperation relationship in the foreseeable future with Kerui.


Advantages of Choosing Kerui

Firstly, Kerui has our own factory that can give customers a low price. There are no intermediaries between Kerui and customers. Besides, the standard size of brick is 230*114*65mm. If you need special sizes of refractory materials, please offer the specifications. And we have numerical control presses and hydraulic presses to control the quality of refractory material. Kerui can guarantee each refractory material has passed the inspection of institutions and got the certificates. Finally, we will offer the best service to every customer, including answering various consultations and providing guide construction.