FAQs of Refractory Bricks

About Refractor Bricks

Q: Can You Provide a Free Sample?

A: Yes! Kerui provides a free sample. Partners should undertake the freight. Please tell us which product you’re interested in for more details.

Q: How Should I Choose Suitable Refractory Bricks?

A: Please see the details:

  • For stand brick: Please send us a list of raw materials, dimensions, technical data, quantity, applications, and price terms;
  • For special-shaped bricks: Please send us a list of raw materials, drawings, chemical and physical technical data, quantity, applications, and price terms.

Q: Do You Accept Customization?

A: Yes! Kerui factory supports customized sizes, shapes, chemical compositions, and other aspects of refractory bricks. There are more than 20 engineers who are ready for customized solutions for you.

Q: What Are the Applications of Refractory Bricks?

A: Kerui Refractory offers different types of refractory bricks, including aluminum-based refractory bricks, silicon-based refractory bricks, magnesium-based refractory bricks, and other refractory bricks.

These refractory bricks have different properties. They are mainly used in the steel industry, non-ferrous metal industry, building materials industry, etc. Please leave us a message. We will provide suitable refractory solutions according to your needs.

Q: How Do You Guarantee Quality?

A: To guarantee the quality of refractory bricks, Kerui arranges a strict quality control system and at least 8 quality control potions at every stage:

  • Quality control point1: Purchase of raw materials that are in line with purchase standards;
  • Quality control point 2: Control the fineness and granularity of raw materials;
  • Quality control point 3: Control the fineness, granularity, and water content of mud materials;
  • Quality control point 4: Control the size of the mold, number of brick presses, and the bulk density, porosity as well as the single weight of bricks;
  • Quality control point 5: Control the appearance and size, corners as well as density of refractory fire bricks;
  • Quality control point 6: Control different temperatures in the sintering kiln, including the drying zone, transition zone, sintering zone, cooling zone, etc;
  • Quality control point 7: Control the final products according to drawing, including sizes, corners, impurities, and other aspects;
  • Quality control point 8: Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the final product in accordance with inspection procedures.

Q: What Are the Processes for Producing Refractory Bricks?

A: Different production processes have an impact on the performance of heat refractory bricks. To accommodate a variety of high temperature applications, Kerui Refractory has several different production processes to enhance the performance of its refractory bricks. The production process includes pressing, sintering, electrofusion, casting, etc.

Q: What is the Lifespan of Your Refractory Bricks?

A: The life of Kerui refractory fire bricks depends on the conditions of use and the level of maintenance. Generally, these bricks can last for many years under the right conditions. We can provide advice on how to extend the service life of refractory bricks as well as your kilns.

Q: What Are the Factors That Affect the Performance of Refractory Bricks?

A: The main factors that affect the performance of refractory bricks include raw material quality, composition, proportion, production process, production equipment, etc. Please tell Kerui Refractory your requirements and usage conditions for refractory bricks, and we will recommend suitable refractory bricks for you.

Q: What’s Your Refractory Brick Price?

A: The refractory brick price varies depending on the type, specification, and quantity. Please contact us for specific quotes and customized plans.

Q: Is There Any Discount?

A: Yes! Kerui will hold irregular events. In addition, Kerui will give preferential prices to partners who purchase in bulk and have long-term cooperation.

About Delivery

Q: How Long Can I Receive My Products?

A: It depends on the bricks you choose:

  • For stand brick (230*114*65mm): 20 working days (immediate shipment in stock and 20 working days of shipment);
  • For customized brick: 35 working days (5-7 working days of production and 30 days of shipment).

Q: What Is the Refractory Brick Packaging?

A: Zhengzhou Kerui (Group) Refractory Co., Ltd. offers standard product packaging. Our factory has strict packaging and testing procedures. If the partner has special needs, we can choose packaging materials, packaging size, packaging logo, internal padding, moisture-proof treatment, etc. according to the partner’s special needs.

About Factory

Q: Can I Visit Factory?

A: Yes! Welcome to visit Kerui factory at any time. The factory is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province. Contact Kerui Refractory to arrange your visit.

Q: How Is Your Production Ability?

A: According to the data, the annual output of Kerui is about 150,000 tons. Among them, there are 100,000 tons of shaped refractory products as well as 50,000 tons of unshaped refractory products.

Q: Do You Support Inspection of Refractory Brick in Kerui Factory?

A: Whether before or after production, Kerui Refractory supports partners to come to the factory at any time to inspect the finished refractory bricks. Moreover, our factory has a professional quality inspection team to inspect every process of the product. This ensures that the product meets quality standards.

About Technical Solutions

Q: Do You Offer Technical Guidance?

A: Yes! Kerui professional engineers offer technical guidance for the selection of refractory bricks, kiln design, construction of bricks, following maintenance of kilns, and other issues.

Q: Can I Request Technical Guidance on the Refractory Bricks During Subsequent Use?

A: Kerui Refractory has professional technical guidance. When used under technical guidance, our refractory bricks have stable performance. Moreover, our professional and technical personnel will continue to provide you with technical guidance.

About Kerui Refractory

Q: Is Kerui a Manufacturer or a Trader?

A: Kerui Refractory is an original manufacturer in China. Founded in 2004, Kerui Refractory has rich experience in the refractory industry and high-temperature industry. Contact us for the refractory now!