Delivery of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Blankets to Vietnam Again in 2023

Kerui ceramic fiber blankets were sent to Vietnam again in December 2023. This batch was sent from Qingdao to Vietnam on 25th, December 2024. The production cycle is 10 days.

Delivery of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Blanket to Vietnam Again in 2023

Ideal Ceramic Fiber Blankets for The Vietnam Partner

This Vietnamese partner is our regular partner. This time he wants to buy the customized ceramic fiber blankets to use the furnace insulation. Kerui provides customized blankets to meet different requirements. Our blanket has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, lighter weight, and mechanical shock resistance.

Low Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber is 0.09W/(m.k) under 400℃. So Kerui ceramic fiber blanket could effectively insulate the heat reduction in industrial equipment. The weather in Vietnam is hot and humid. Using ceramic fiber as thermal insulation not only reduces the heat transfer but also decreases the water vapor in the industrial equipment.

Lighter Weight

Ceramic fiber is a fibrous light refractory material. It will greatly alleviate the difficulty of construction. Besides, ceramic fiber blankets are softer than some insulation bricks. It is easier to construct than bricks. Moreover, it can save the costs of labor for the Vietnam partner.

Mechanical Shock Resistance

Different from brick or other refractory materials, ceramic fiber blankets have good elasticity and flexibility. It could undertake great mechanical shock that avoids the industrial equipment abrasion. The Vietnam partner used ceramic fiber blankets in kilns that can extend the life cycle of vulnerable parts.

Delivery of Special Ceramic Fiber Blanket to Vietnam Again in 2023
Customized Ceramic Fiber Blanket to Vietnam Again in 2023
Shipment of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Blanket to Vietnam Again in 2023

Why Did the Vietnam Partner Choose Kerui?

Kerui will provide the best service and other ceramic fiber products to every partner. From consultation to after-sales, Kerui will offer a professional service team to give suitable projects. In every transaction, we can ensure every partner gets high-quality products at a low price. And if you need some construction advice, we have technological experts who can give you professional advice. We are very glad that the Vietnam partner could build a long-term partnership.

With the development of the Kerui, more and more Vietnam partners to choose purchase refractory materials from China. What’s more, the Vietnam partner feedback some information to our team. He thinks the service attitude of Kerui is better than Vietnam factories. And will recommend refractory materials according to the needs of partners.