Ceramic Fiber Boards Were Delivered to Russia in 2023

Ceramic fiber boards were delivered to Russia in May 2023. This Russian customer customized a batch of ceramic fiber boards. There are some details about this case.

Ceramic fiber board delivery chart

Ceramic Fiber Board Offered to the Russian Customer

Ceramic fiber board can be widely used in high-temperature industrial equipment. It is usually used for insulation layers of high-temperature equipment. Ceramic fiber boards have low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, and light weight.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Low thermal conductivity can increase the energy utilization. Its thermal conductivity is the clay insulation bricks’ one in eight. Ceramic fiber board used as the backer of furnaces can greatly insulate the heat transfer.

Thermal Shock Resistance

Ceramic fiber has good flexibility. The organization structure of ceramic fiber board contributes to undertaking the high-temperature and high-pressure states. So it can used in the mechanical industry equipment to decrease abrasion.

Light Weight

Ceramic fiber board has light weight. It can be trimmed to any shape that you want in the construction process. In this situation, it can reduce construction time and repair more easily.

Cooperation Process with the Russian Customer

Kerui manufactures a batch of ceramic fiber boards according to the specifications of the Russian customer. After packing, we deliver the products as quickly as possible. Kerui offers customs clearance documents to the Russian customer. Finally, the product passed customs, and the Russian customer received the products smoothly. Ceramic fiber boards were not damaged in the transit.

Kerui Ceramic fiber board
ceramic fiber board

Kerui will provide customized service to every customer. We have a professional technology team to resolve technological consults. If you don’t know what refractory materials or ceramic fiber products are suitable for your high-temperature equipment. We can offer a turnkey service to prevent all the problems in the construction.