Application of Refractory Bricks in Boiling Furnace in Indonesia

Kerui Refractory helped Indonesian partners install refractory bricks in the boiler. This partner arranged the installation as soon as they received the refractory bricks. Our technical team and construction team guided the partner in the installation process. This not only improved the efficiency of the boiler installation but also enhanced safety performance.

Application of Refractory Bricks in Boiling Furnace in Indonesia

Construction Situation of Refractory Bricks in the Boiler in Indonesia

Working Condition of the Boiling Furnace

The partner used refractory bricks for the boiling furnace in the power plant. The working condition of the boiling furnace are harsh, including high temperatures, strong chemical corrosion, large temperature fluctuations, and so on. Therefore, choosing the appropriate refractory bricks and solutions can extend the service life of the boiling furnace. At the same time, this also helps to improve the efficiency and safety of the boiling furnaces.

Types of Refractory Bricks Used in the Boiler

Usually, there are many types of refractory bricks used in boiling furnaces, including silica refractory bricks, high alumina refractory bricks, magnesia chrome refractory bricks, zircon corundum refractory bricks, and so on. The high-quality refractory bricks provided by Kerui Refractory have excellent performance, such as strong chemical corrosion resistance, high refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, and so on. They will provide partners with a better user experience.

Guidance of Constructing Refractory Bricks in the Boiling Furnace

Under the guidance of professional technical personnel, the partner installed the refractory bricks. The guidance included installation location, quantity, method, and so on. The entire installation process went smoothly. The boiling furnace will have a stable structure and strong combustion efficiency under high-temperature operation.

Application of Refractory Bricks in Boiling Kiln in Indonesia
Application of Kerui Refractory Bricks in Boiling Kiln in Indonesia

These high-quality refractory bricks will bring good working efficiency and stability to the partner’s boiling furnace. If you have any need for refractory bricks or kiln solutions, please contact Kerui Refractory. We will use our rich experience and professional knowledge to help you design refractory solutions for kilns.