Uzbekistan Customers Came to Visit Kerui Factory in 2023

Uzbekistan customers came to visit Kerui factory in 2023. Gas, copper, and coal are the important industries of Uzbekistan. Kerui is honored to cooperate with Uzbekistan customers. This cooperation is conducive to expanding the Central-Asian market.

Uzbekistan Customers

Uzbekistan Customers Visited Factory

Kerui team welcomed the Uzbekistan customers friendly. After a short greeting, Kerui teams and Uzbekistan customers visited Kerui factory. In the workshop, workers used digital production equipment to produce the refractory bricks. Uzbekistan engineers discussed the technology of refractory bricks with technicians. Then they went to visit the quality control lab to realize the method of quality control. Kerui technicians introduced the technical data of different refractories to Uzbekistan customers. This can help to further understand both sides and promote the cooperation process.

products lab
quality control lab

Solution Meeting about the Uzbekistan Project

The purpose of this visit was mainly to discuss a solution to this cooperation. Kerui managed a meeting with Uzbekistan engineers to solve the problems. Improving the efficiency of high-temperature equipment is the key to industry in Uzbekistan. They discussed refractories used in high-temperature equipment. Kerui technicians provided a series of plans to Uzbekistan customers. Kerui gave some suitable refractory bricks to Uzbekistan customers. These bricks can solve the current problems effectively. In this situation, Kerui can rapidly know the question of refractories in practical use. This can help Kerui deal with problems from different customers.

discuss with customers
solution meeting


Through this face-to-face communication, Kerui can better present some details to Uzbekistan customers. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan customers could know the high quality of Kerui refractories and raise questions about projects. In this situation, the opinions of both sides can be quickly understood. The cooperation also can be processed smoothly. Kerui expects to build long-term cooperation with Uzbekistan customers like other partners.