RUSAL Checked the Refractory Bricks in Kerui Factory

RUSAL came to Kerui factory to check the products in 2023. A few months ago Kerui and RUSAL built a cooperation relationship. This batch of products has passed the inspection of RUSAL.

RUSAL customers in factory
RUSAL customers check products in kerui

Check Refractory Bricks and Refractory Anchors

The technicians of RUSAL came to the factory to check the refractory materials. The technicians strictly measure the specifications of all the refractory materials, including refractory anchors and refractory bricks. They also check the castable. They were glad that Kerui could produce all the products in a short time.

in the lab
russian customers
anchor part

Visit the Laboratory

RUSAL customers visited our quality control laboratory. They watch the whole testing process. They thought the high-precision testing equipment was very convenient to inspect the refractory bricks. During this visit, we showed some other state-of-the-art equipment. RUSAL realized our production process and rigorous quality control measures. Then we discussed the package and shipment of this batch of products. We were delighted that RUSAL could give us a chance in further cooperation projects.

Long-term Cooperation Relationship

During the visiting process, RUSAL saw the sincerity of Kerui in this cooperation process. At present, we have established a long-term cooperation and a friendly relationship. We expect greater cooperation in the future. This visit further develops the relationship between Kerui and RUSAL. We can understand each others’ needs more clearly than before. This can make RUSAL realize our refractory products better and contribute to achieving a win-win situation.

Through this cooperation, Kerui can effectively improve the production and export experience. It laid the foundation for the future development of Kerui.