Kerui Was Invited to Visit Russian Customers in 2023

In 2023 Kerui was invited to visit Russian customers in Russia. This visit was to exchange the experience and discuss further cooperation. At present, we have established long-term cooperative relations with Russian customers.

russian cuatomers with kerui

Pleasant Communication Process

When we arrived in Russia, the Russian customers welcomed us pleasantly. We have brought some presents with Chinese characteristics. The purpose of this invitation was to discuss further cooperation and to confirm the refractory materials.

Topics of discussion ranged from brick types to the current development of the refractory industry. Kerui and RUSAL have many similar views on cooperation. The same views were conducive to the smooth progress of our cooperation. Besides, Kerui realized more information about Russian industrial prospects. This will help Kerui better conduct business in Russia.

Visit Russian customer
Discuss with Russian customer
Russian customer

Visit the Factory of Russian Customers

After the pleasant communication, the responsible led us to visit the factory in Russia. In the factory, the technicians from Kerui and RUSAL discussed in depth the problems and solutions of the smelting alumina furnaces. They also led us to visit the production site.

Moreover, they exchanged views related to the ability of refractory materials and application in specific equipment. RUSAL also shared experiences and solutions about the usage of high temp refractory bricks. This experience can help us to improve the solution for other customers. We were very glad that RUSAL could invite us to communicate and exchange experiences.

Russian factory
Factory of Russian customer
visit russian facotry

All in all, this visit can greatly solve some problems in our cooperation. We can understand each others’ needs more clearly than before. This communication has laid a solid foundation for future long-term cooperation. In this situation, Kerui and RUSAL can achieve win-win cooperation.