Kerui Shipped Refractory Bricks to Russia in 2024

Kerui Refractory shipped the refractory bricks to Russia in 2024. These bricks are used for aluminium industrial equipment. This is not the first time Kerui has cooperated with this Russian partner – RUSAL. In this deal, Kerui also received the high praise of RUSAL.

Kerui Shipped the Refractory Bricks to Russia in 2024

Kerui Cooperate with RUSAL Again

RUSAL is the world’s third-largest aluminium company by primary production output. RUSAL accounts for almost 9% of the world’s primary aluminium output and 9% of the world’s alumina production. So this company need more refractory blocks than others to ensure the aluminium production.

Shipment of Kerui Refractory Bricks to Russia in 2024
Kerui Shipped Refractory Bricks to Russia in 2024
Shipment of Refractory Bricks to Russia in 2024

Features of Kerui Refractory Brick

As the world’s third-largest aluminium company, RUSAL purchases different kinds of refractory bricks to use for their aluminium industrial equipment. The refractory bricks used in the alumina industry require several features, including excellent alkaline resistance and great thermal shock resistance.

Excellent Alkaline Resistance

RUSAL is prone to choose materials that last a long time. In the process of making aluminium, the aluminium industrial equipment will eroded by alkaline materials. Even in low-temperature situations, the aluminium has strong penetration into bricks. Kerui usually advises customers to use high-quality high aluminium bricks or magnesia chrome bricks as the refractory materials of rotary kilns, molten-salt containers, and aluminium melting furnaces. Because they are alkaline materials that will not react with the slag.

Great Thermal Shock Resistance

Due to the high temperature of kilns, the refractory materials must withstand more than 1200℃ for a long time. And in the rotary kiln working time, the materials will constantly hit the kilns’ walls. Therefore, it requires refractory materials with the characteristics of great thermal shock resistance. Magnesia chrome bricks and high aluminium bricks can undertake the shock in high-temperature situations. And keep the stability of industrial equipment. They can used for the linings of rotary kilns or vulnerable parts.

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Why Choose Kerui as a Long-term Cooperation Partner?

Kerui refractory products have passed the international institution inspection, including ISO, IAF, and so on. Kerui will guarantee the high-quality of refractory materials. We build an engineering technology centre and chemical laboratory to control the quality of refractory materials. Besides, we also have many patents for our refractory materials. Finally, Kerui has a professional technology team to provide technological support for customers. These are reasons that RUSAL chose Kerui as the long-term cooperation partner.