Egyptian Customers Came to Visit Kerui Factory in 2023

Egyptian customers came to visit Kerui factory in 2023. Customers used Kerui website to find us. They wanted to visit our factory and check the quality of refractory bricks. Kerui welcomes customers from all over the world to visit our factory.

Egyptian customers

Requirements from Egyptian Customers

Egyptian customers used refractory bricks in the furnaces. They need bricks that have good chemical resistance and high refractoriness. Through the discussion, Kerui technicians advised customers to use chrome corundum bricks and zirconia corundum refractory bricks. These bricks can effectively resist the glass solution erosion. Besides, Kerui also knew more information about Egyptian customers. They used these refractory bricks to construct the furnaces which produced the glass wool. In the communication, Kerui realized the Egyptian industrial requirements for refractory materials. This contributes to gathering more experience in glass furnace refractory projects.

Egyptian customers in kerui refractory factory
Egyptian customers in kerui refractory materials factory

Egyptian Customers Visited Kerui Factory

Egyptian customers visited Kerui factory and checked the quality of chrome corundum bricks and zirconia-corundum refractory bricks. They visited our production lines of refractory bricks. Kerui technicians introduced the digital intelligent equipment. This equipment can strictly control the raw material ratio to produce high-quality heat refractory bricks. Then they visited our quality inspection lab and checked the specifications of zirconia-corundum refractory bricks. Egyptian customers were glad that the quality of Kerui bricks was higher than other factories. By visiting Kerui factory, Egyptian customers can better realize Kerui. This can help to push effective cooperation in the future.

azs brick
chrome corundum brick


Kerui is very glad that Egyptian customers can choose Kerui. Through this visit, Kerui and Egyptian customers both know each other in depth. It helps Kerui know more requirements about customers from different countries. In this situation, Kerui can build long-term cooperation relationships with customers. Finally, Kerui and customers will achieve win-win cooperation.