Russian Customers Came to Visit Kerui Factory in 2023

Russian Customers came to visit Kerui factory in 2023. Kerui received many customers from Russia in 2023. We are very glad that these customers can come to China to visit our factory.

Russian customers with kerui
kerui with Russian customer

Russian Customers Visited Kerui Factory

Russian customers found us on Kerui website. After they communicated with our consultant, they asked to visit our factory. We were very glad that customers can ask to visit our factory. That means they want to cooperate with us further. Kerui’s team led customers to visit the factory first. They visited refractory brick production lines and the production process of intelligent equipment. Kerui tunnel kilns have great production capability. After that customers visited the quality control lab. They saw the whole quality control process of quality equipment. By visiting Kerui factory, customers can get more information about Kerui. This can help to push effective cooperation in the future.

kerui refracotry facotry

Depth Communication of Russian Customers

By communicating with other customers, Kerui knew the Russian industry. But Kerui also needs to understand the details about customers. Only in this situation, Kerui can provide the optimal plans to every customer. Kerui technicians discussed the specific usage of refractory bricks with customers. Customers told us more about using situation about the bricks. We recommend suitable bricks for customers to resist chemical erosion. Through this visit, customers trusted the comprehensive strength of Kerui. This can greatly encourage Kerui to provide more solutions for customers.

Russian Customers Came to Visit Kerui Factory to Check Refrectory Bricks in 2023
Kerui Russian Customers Visited Kerui Factory

Long-term Cooperation Partner with Kerui

This visit helped the two sides realize more information about each other. The cooperation is facilitated through communication. Russian customers were glad to build a long-term cooperation relationship with Kerui. They chose Kerui because they saw the sincerity and strength of Kerui. In this situation, Kerui and customers can achieve win-win cooperation.

Here are all the details about the customers. If you want to know other Russian customers, you can browse our case page.