Maerz Double Chamber Lime Kiln Was Completed

This time we have a case want to share with you! Maerz double chamber lime kiln was built in Kerui guidance of technicians. We are very glad that this customer can believe us to construct the lime kiln. Let’s see some details!

maerz double chamber lime kiln
Maerz double chamber lime kiln

Maerz Double Chamber Lime Kiln

Maerz double chamber lime kiln is an efficient and environment-friendly lime production equipment. Compared with other lime kilns, it can greatly utilize the fuel and enhance the uniformity of combustion. When this customer found us, the responsible told us they wanted to use environmental equipment.

Due to the country’s control of the carbon emission of enterprises, they need a green lime production kiln. So Kerui recommended the Maerz double chamber lime kiln to this customer. After confirmation, we began to prepare suitable refractory materials. Finally, we selected to use the magnesia refractory brick, high alumina brick, and fire clay brick for maerz double chamber lime kilns.

Reason for Choosing Kerui

When we asked why they finally chose Kerui, they told us that they could see the real cases on our page. They tend to choose a supplier that can give detailed information about the lime industry. They think that Kerui is a good choice. Moreover, they thought our senior technicians could from the perspective of customers select an optimal lime kiln for them.


In this cooperation process, Kerui and this customer reach a win-win situation. We hope to build a long-term cooperation relationship with this customer. Kerui welcomes customers to contact us and build a cooperation relationship with us.