Kerui Helped to Construct A Large Sintering Flue

Kerui constructed a wear-resistant layer in large sintering flue for customers. The customers come from the steel industry. We were glad that the customers could choose Kerui products to construct the wear-resistant layer. It means that customers recognize our expertise in the field of refractory. There are some details about this case.

Kerui Helped to Construct A Large Sintering Flue

Construction Process of Wear-resistant Layer

Kerui uses a wear-resistant spray to reduce the abrasion of the sintering flue. The flue of the boiler will be abraded by chemical gas. If acidic gas reacts with the lining of the flue, the flue will be damaged. In this situation, most people chose to use a wear-resistant spray to resist the chemical gas erosion. This refractory product can effectively prolong the life cycle of the flue.

  • Firstly, Kerui technicians uniformly sprayed the wear-resistant materials on the flue. After spraying an area, technicians carefully checked every place. This step is to avoid thickness inconsistency.
  • Then, technicians soldered refractory anchors according to the drawing. They ensure every refractory anchor can be solidly welded to the flue.
  • Finally, our technicians checked all the areas to prevent any potential oversight.

All the data and test results were collated into the construction report. The construction report can help customers to check all the data about wear-resistant layer. Besides, the report can help to provide data support in the use process for customers. In this situation, customers can receive more effective feedback in use process.

The construction report also provides data support to Kerui. It is an important basis for the construction design and construction of wear-resistant layers. in this situation, we can improve working efficiency and help other customers get a complete solution the next time.

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Kerui was very glad that the customers gave us this chance. Kerui is devoted to providing more complete service. Our refractory products, technologies, services, and solutions are customized for our customers. It is the unique key to the success of our work together with our customers. In this situation, customers and Kerui can achieve win-win cooperation. If you need refractory bricks, insulating bricks, and other products, contact us.