Export of Insulating Gunned Castable to Russia in April 2024

A large quantity of insulating gunned castable was shipped to Russia in April 2024. This castable is a refractory material that is applied by spraying it onto the application surface. Our Russian partner purchased a large quantity of refractory products from Kerui Refractory. We will ship the required refractories according to the contract. Please see the shipping picture.

Export of Insulating Gunned Castable to Russia in April 2024

Detailed Information about Insulating Gunned Castable

This partner uses the high temperature castable refractory for calcining petroleum coke rotary kilns. It is a non-standard material made from refractory aggregates, water, and a binder. Therefore, it has the characteristics of easy construction, strong versatility, and high durability. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material that is widely used in high-temperature industries.

This material is mainly used for parts such as the furnace, lining, outside the furnace, furnace door, and furnace gap. It can play a role of thermal insulation, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Delivery of Insulating Gunned Castable to Russia in April 2024

Why Use Insulating Gunned Castable in Petroleum Coke Rotary Kilns?

  • Improve the calcination efficiency of petroleum coke: The thermal insulation effect in the furnace is good. And, when the furnace temperature is uniform, the calcination effect is more efficient.
  • Reduce fuel consumption: Good thermal insulation effect is conducive to reducing heat loss and fuel consumption.
  • Extend the service life of the furnace lining: The shotcrete is high-temperature resistant. It plays a protective role for the furnace lining and other parts.
  • Improve the working environment: It can effectively reduce the loss of furnace temperature. It prevents heat from being emitted into the surrounding environment. This helps to improve work safety.

Shipment of Insulating Gunned Castable to Russia in April 2024

Kerui Refractory provides a variety of refractory items for this partner’s petroleum coke kiln. This partner was very satisfied with the solutions and product recommendations Kerui puts forward. In fact, we have extensive experience and mature technology in multiple industries, such as the steel industry, non-ferrous metal smelting industry, and others. If you are looking for high-temperature kiln solutions, please contact us.